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What's new in Visual Studio 2022

What's new in Visual Studio 2022

The #VisualStudio 2022 Preview has been available for about four weeks now - and I've been using it every day since day one.

Especially the stability is worlds better than Visual Studio 2019, although the new 64 bit support might not be crucial for my current solution size.

Still, here's my quick look for #dotnet #developers - and yes: performance is a huge feature!

My top personal ones:
- Stability and #Performance
- New #IntelliCode capabilities

Official Blog:

#mvpbuzz #microsoft #devops



July 13, 2021


  1. What‘s new in Visual Studio 2022? For .NET Developers Visual

    Studio 2022 start screen on Windows
  2. Preview available now Release expected late 2021 Side-by-Side with VS

  3. .NET 6 on board .NET versions are not tied to

    Visual Studio itself, but it will bring .NET 6 - currently in preview.
  4. .NET 4.8 only Visual Studio 2022 comes with .NET 4.8,

    so warnings appear. You have upgrade or to install other SDKs manually.
  5. Visual Studio 2022 comes with AI-assisted development capabilities by IntelliCode.

    AI-assisted code development Offers auto-completion based on your solution, code and used libraries.
  6. Web Live View SQL-Debugger Code-Spellcheck Better NuGet Tooling Better DevOps

    Tools MAUI Support More Diagnostics Faster IDE Faster Extensions Better Accessibility More is coming soon !
  7. More information on the official Visual Studio Blog https://devblogs.microsoft.com/visualstudio/

  8. Technical Fellow / Executive Engineer ben.abt@exxeta.com abt_benjamin /benjaminabt