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Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps

Azure Static Web Apps provide the perfect foundation to host static web apps like Angular, Svelte, Blazor, React, and View, as well as static content like HTML/CSS files, images, or data files like Json and XML.

The big feature of all comparable alternatives is that Azure Functions can also be executed within an Azure Static Web App and used by the static application.

This is particularly useful in order to no longer keep environment settings static in the app code, but to load them dynamically from the Azure environment settings and thus implement a true, value-added DevOps process.

But also all other backend code than just configurations can be executed with this!


Benjamin Abt

July 31, 2021

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  1. What are Azure Static Web Apps?

  2. Azure Static Web Apps Designed for static (Frontend) Web Apps

    like React, Angular, Svelte or Blazor Replaces the workaround with Azure Storage / Azure CDN to host static files
  3. Azure Static Web Apps Can also be used for just

    static files like JavaScript, Data (XML, Json..), Images
  4. Azure Static Web Apps Supports also Backend-Capabilities via Serverless Azure

    Functions! e.g. to deliver dynamic SPA/PWA configs Repository CI/CD Azure User Static Web App Static Files Azure Functions
  5. Azure Static Web Apps Are super cheap!

  6. More information on the official Azure Website https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/app-service/static/

  7. None