'Leadership, Complexity, LeSS' by Ran Nyman

'Leadership, Complexity, LeSS' by Ran Nyman

This session focuses on common root causes that create unintended and unseen complexity in organizations. This complexity is disguised in the form of good management practices, and good intentions and local optimizations. We use one case to describe the rise of complexity and the death of a company Nokia Mobile Phones. Then we show that this pattern can be generalized to any growing company that does not pay attention how to grow. Next, we take a look at Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework and how it avoids building complexity in an organization by being minimalistic and starting the change by real change instead of change theater. Then we look at forces in LeSS that create ownership of change in the organization. We use real life case examples to describe how this is achieved and what key leadership actions are needed to happen, so the change is sustainable. Learning objectives: Insight how LeSS and new leadership thinking is used to simplify the organization.


Agile Latvia

July 07, 2017