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'Learning Through Osmosis' by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

'Learning Through Osmosis' by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Many different roles contribute to building software: product owners, business specialists. testers. Yet knowledge of programming keeps these roles at a distance. In this talk, I will share how I have come to programming: not through wanting to program and taking courses on it, but through working with programmers in a style called mob programming. This talk serves as an inspiration for programmers to invite non-programmers to learning code a layer at a time, immersed in the experience of creating software together to transform the ability to deliver. Lessons specific to skillsets rub in both ways, leaving everyone better off after the experience. In this talk, you will learn: What is mob programming and why you should care about working in that style? How to use strong-style pairing as a means of connecting everyone regardless of their programming skill level? What contributions non-programmers make in a mob before they learn to program? How I became a programmer through working in mobs at work and at community meetups over learning by studying programming?

Agile Latvia

July 07, 2017

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  1. @maaretp http://maaretp.com The value of another’s experience is to give

    us hope, not to tell us how or whether to proceed - Peter Block
  2. @maaretp http://maaretp.com Dislike of programming (Basic, Scheme, Assembler, Fortran, C++,

    C, Java, Pascal, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, Objective C, Swift …)
  3. @maaretp http://maaretp.com "All the brilliant people working on the same

    thing, at the same time, in the same space, on the same computer." -- Woody Zuill
  4. @maaretp http://maaretp.com Strong-Style Navigation “For an idea to go from

    your head to the computer it must go through someone else’s hands”
  5. @maaretp http://maaretp.com Comparison Strong Style Traditional I have an idea…

    Please take the keyboard I have an idea… Give me the keyboard
  6. @maaretp http://maaretp.com I had great ideas even if I did

    not know how to turn them to code – removing the distance is worth the struggle.
  7. @maaretp http://maaretp.com Maaret Pyhäjärvi Email: [email protected] Twitter: @maaretp Web: maaretp.com

    Blog: visible-quality.blogspot.fi (please connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn)