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Introduction to Jenkins 2 @ JUG Summer Camp 2016

Introduction to Jenkins 2 @ JUG Summer Camp 2016

Why Jenkins 2?
What is Jenkins 2?
Road beyond 2…


Arnaud Heritier

September 16, 2016


  1. Jenkins 2 Jug Summer Camp’16

  2. About Jenkins An extensible automation server built on the JVM

    with hundreds of plugins to support nearly every continuous integration, delivery and deployment pipeline imaginable 2
  3. About me Arnaud Héritier Long time Jenkins user and community

    member • August 2007 : My first discussion on the mailing list and my first ticket about Jenkins born Hudson 1.131 Contributor on various plugins: • Maven, Xcode, Appaloosa, … Member of the Jenkins infra team • I love to reboot confluence J Support Team Manager at CloudBees, Inc • I help our customers to get the best from Jenkins 3 @aheritier aheritier
  4. About me Nicolas De Loof Jenkins contributor since 1664 Contributor

    on various plugins • build-flow (aka pipeline prequel) • maintainer on git-plugin for 1 year • Some docker plugins Docker Captain Senior Engineer at CloudBees, Inc • I write bugs so Arnaud has a Job 4 @ndeloof ndeloof
  5. 5 https://groups.google.com/d/msg/jenkinsci-dev/vbXK7JJekFw/BlEvO0UxBgAJ

  6. Developers community reaction to the announce 6 https://www.flickr.com/photos/kilgarron/9151943045

  7. My reaction as a Jenkins user 7 https://pixabay.com/en/fear-fright-danger-horror-scared-1172372/

  8. Let’s discuss Why Jenkins 2? What is Jenkins 2? Road

    beyond 2… 8
  9. Why Jenkins 2?

  10. Why 2.x? 1.x line is now 11 years old. No,

    really. Lots of great stuff has gone into Jenkins in the last couple years but users don’t know about them! Oh, and some fairly big changes! 10 ~/Code/jenkinsci/jenkins/war (git:master %)$ mvn dependency:list ... [INFO] org.acegisecurity:acegi-security:jar:1.0.7:compile ... [INFO] org.springframework:spring-core:jar:2.5.6.SEC03:compile ... [INFO] com.google.guava:guava:jar:11.0.1:compile ... [INFO] org.codehaus.groovy:groovy-all:jar:1.8.9:compile ...
  11. Overwhelmed by Jenkins? Me too. Dear Mr Jenkins, There are

    too many plugins these days. Please eliminate three hundred. P.S. I am not a crackpot. 11
  12. Initial Experience is Complicated Installing Jenkins? That’s easy. • But

    then there’s finding the right plugins… • And setting up security… • And eighty other things you probably forgot about… That should be easier !! 12
  13. Continuous Delivery of All the Things Continuous Delivery is eating

    the software that is eating the world. More shops moving in this direction. Jenkins is a key part of how they get there. New use cases need new user interfaces - one size doesn’t always fit all. How can we make adopting Jenkins for CD smoother without limiting the power Jenkins has for other use cases? 13
  14. How do I…where do I…what do I… Documentation • jenkins-ci.org

    site was 6 years old ▸ Old tooling. ▸ Awkward content discovery. ▸ Not a great way to share documentation and guides. • wiki.jenkins-ci.org is there too, but it’s not easy to navigate. Brand • jenkins-ci.org ! CI ?!? ▸ Jenkins isn’t only a CI. 14
  15. Meet Jenkins 2.x jenkins.io/2.0

  16. 2.0 Themes Improved “out of the box” user experience User

    interface improvements Pipeline as code Website, Infra, the community vibrant 16 jenkins.io/content/jenkins-20-proposals/
  17. Better Out-of-the-box UX

  18. Out of the Box User Experience New setup wizard! Security

    configuration is part of the setup wizard! • …because we all forget to configure security sometimes. A better, broader set of plugins included by default! • Less need to go hunting through 1100+ plugins. 18
  19. Security - Unlock jenkins 19

  20. Plugins installation wizard 20

  21. Plugins installation wizard 21

  22. Plugins installation wizard 22

  23. Security – Create 1st administrator account 23

  24. Let’s go 24

  25. Configure Global Security – Secured by default! 25

  26. User Interface Improvements 26

  27. User Interface Improvements Improved “New Item” page Jobs configuration pages

    are going to be less messy! • Tabs for everyone! New Global Tool Configuration page More consistent terminology (exemple: agent vs node vs slave) 27
  28. New item page 28

  29. New configuration tabs 29

  30. Global Tool Configuration 30

  31. Blue Ocean A new user experience for Jenkins 31 https://jenkins.io/projects/blueocean/

  32. Modern Technologies Modern JavaScript toolchain • EcmaScript6, React, NPM •

    js-modules Client side Extension points • Blue Ocean libraries are built on ES6 and React.js and provide an extensible client side component model Server Sent Events • UI update in real time 32
  33. Jenkins Design “Language” 33

  34. Blue Ocean – Dashboard 34

  35. Blue Ocean – Pipeline Job - Activity 35

  36. Blue Ocean – Pipeline Job - Branches 36

  37. Blue Ocean – Pipeline Job – Pull requests 37

  38. Blue Ocean – Pipeline Build - KO 38

  39. Blue Ocean – Pipeline Build - OK 39

  40. Blue Ocean - Notifications 40

  41. Blue Ocean - Notifications 41

  42. Blue Ocean - Notifications 42

  43. Blue Ocean - Personalized view 43

  44. Pipeline as Code 44

  45. Pipeline as Code Introduce “pipeline” as a new type in

    Jenkins Codify an implicit series of stages/steps directly in your job definition or into an explicit Jenkinsfile in your/a source repository Built-in global library to share Pipeline scripts, functions, variables across jobs on your master. Extend the DSL with your own steps. Durable tasks keep running while the Jenkins master restarts. 45
  46. Pipeline as Code Execute arbitrary build steps in parallel easily.

    Have jobs wait for input from users before continuing to the next step. No more need to glue multiple jobs together to do one connected pipeline across multiple nodes or repos! Run part of the job on one node, then switch to another node! Check out multiple SCM repositories into one job! Resumability from checkpoints (CloudBees Jenkins Platform only) 46
  47. Pipeline sample 47 node('docker') { checkout scm /* Grab the

    abbreviated SHA1 of our pipeline’s commit. */ sh 'git rev-parse HEAD > GIT_COMMIT' def shortCommit = readFile('GIT_COMMIT').take(6) stage 'Build' def image = docker.build("jenkinsciinfra/bind:build-${shortCommit}") stage 'Deploy' image.push() } github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-examples
  48. Pipeline configuration 48

  49. Jenkinsfile 49 github.com/jenkins-demo

  50. Snippet Generator 50

  51. Pipeline Stage View 51

  52. Pipeline Stage View 52

  53. Pipeline Stage View 53

  54. Pipeline Features. Multi-Branch Multi-Branch Pipeline Plugin • Job configuration only

    contains reference to the SCM (Git/GitHub, BitBucket, …) • Jenkins takes Pipeline from Jenkinsfile in SCM • Jenkins creates separate subtasks for branches, builds and reports results separately • Pull-request builds Organization Folder Plugin (Same thing for GitHub and BitBucket orgs) • 1 single spec in Jenkins for the many projects • Jenkins creates separate multi-branch folders for each repository 54
  55. Pipeline Multi-Branch 55

  56. Pipeline Multi-Branch 56

  57. Pipeline Organization Folder 57 github.com/jenkins-demo

  58. Pipeline Organization Folder 58 github.com/jenkins-demo

  59. Pipeline Organization Folder 59 github.com/jenkins-demo

  60. Pipeline - Coming soon… More plugin integrations Pipeline syntax highlighting

    and docs in IDE Shared libraries Declarative DSL (Kyoto) Graphical editor of Jenkins pipelines… 60
  61. Graphical Pipeline Editor 61 https://github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-editor-plugin

  62. Community 62

  63. Website as part of release? Wait, why is this part

    of the 2.0 release? Can’t you just update the website whenever? Sure, but like we said, the changes we’re making to the website are to address a lot of the things 2.0 proper is addressing: • On-boarding • Plugin discovery • Documentation • Examples and resources 63
  64. New website: the guts Previous website • Drupal • Dynamically

    generated • Hard to contribute to - gotta get an account, submit a blog post, etc… Current website • Static site generation • Awestruct and Asciidoc • Contributing? Just submit a pull request to https://github.com/jenkins-infra/jenkins.io and tada! 64
  65. Better home for documentation and reference What we’re calling “Solutions

    Pages” • Landing pages for collections of docs, blog posts, reference material and advice for specific Jenkins use cases. • i.e., a Ruby solution page, a Docker solution page, etc A one-stop-shop for finding what you *need* to know for your Jenkins usage. ASAP: The Jenkins definitive guide, a real browsable end-user documentation 65
  66. http://jenkins-ci.org 66

  67. https://jenkins.io 67

  68. Project Voltron 68

  69. Infrastructure Moving to Azure On demand build jobs for plugins

    using pipeline … 69 © 2016 CloudBees, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  70. 2.x Timeline / Roadmap 70

  71. 71

  72. 2.x Timeline / Roadmap April 21st: • Jenkins 2.0 was

    tagged and released April 25th: • Jenkins 2.0 is announced July 6th: • The first LTS based on 2.x: 2.7.1 • 1.x maintenance is stopped Sept 8th: • Jenkins OSS LTS 2.7.4 72
  73. Road Beyond 2.0

  74. 2.0 Retrospective 74

  75. 2.0 Retrospective Discussing “2.0” started conversations about much bigger and

    involved changes The “weekly incremental release” model has left big challenges unaddressed Aging user interface layer is difficult to substantially improve 75 https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Jenkins+2.0
  76. ten·ta·tive (tĕn′tə-tĭv) adj. Not fully worked out, concluded, or agreed

    upon; provisional 76
  77. Themes Continuous Delivery Scalability & Availability User Experience 77

  78. Continuous Delivery 78

  79. Continuous Delivery Model “Application” and “Environments” in Jenkins Inform Jenkins

    of what happens with them • synchronous: build owns the deployment • asynchronous: external reporters/deployment tools notify Jenkins upon completion Expose what’s “in” Environments • Differences between deployments, e.g. commits, tickets, etc 79
  80. Scalability & Availability 80

  81. Storage & Availability Configurations, build records, logs, fingerprints and artifacts

    all currently live on master node Reduce local disk dependency on master node Storage backend pluggability • BYODB (bring your own data backend) 81
  82. Storage & Availability: Clustering Break a single-JVM master node into

    a conceptual “master” across multiple JVMs Prevent need for “hard downtime” to modify, etc Must still run as a single instance Evaluate multi-tenancy via: • Access controls • Per-folder configuration separation • ? 82
  83. Storage & Availability: Clustering Defer more “master” work out to

    separate JVMs Develop more “stateless” components which can scale horizontally 83
  84. More UI improvements … 84

  85. Plugin Manager… 85

  86. Conclusion

  87. Conclusion Jenkins 2.0 is a new start for the community.

    But 2.0 is just a drop-in replacement for 1.x • With the exception of the servlet 3.1 (Java EE 7) container pre- requisite (Apache Tomcat 8, Wildfly 8, Glassfish 4, Websphere 9...) and the removal of the AJP connector from the embedded Winstone-Jetty container All the technical evolutions (like javascript modularization) are in place to revolution Jenkins in a near future. The usage of major versions is a good change which will enforce to identify and accept breaking changes to • define a clearer roadmap for users ( 3.x, 4.x, …. ) • organize this middle/long term work within the team 87
  88. Try out Jenkins 2.x now! Jenkins 2 is here !!

    Download and discover it from • jenkins.io / jenkins.io/2.0 Give a try to weekly releases and share your feedback with the community • jenkinsci-users@googlegroups.com • #jenkins IRC channel on Freenode 88
  89. Questions And (perhaps) answers

  90. Useful links Jenkins project • Website: https://jenkins.io • GitHub: https://github.com/jenkinsci/

    Demo • Samples: https://github.com/jenkins-demo CloudBees • Website: https://www.cloudbees.com • CloudBees Jenkins Platform ▸ https://www.cloudbees.com/products/cloudbees-jenkins-platform 90
  91. Greatings Thanks to R. Tyler Croy, Oleg Nenashev, James Dumay

    for all the inputs to create this presentation 91
  92. Thanks 92