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Logs live and in color – say goodbye to old school log files

Logs live and in color – say goodbye to old school log files

Log messages in files are a pain: they are hard to get hold of, difficult to search, and different sources are tedious to combine. This talk shows you ways to use logs as a real time source of information to react on problems – even before your users file a ticket!


Alexander Schwartz

November 12, 2015


  1. Logs live and in colour - say goodbye to old

    school log files Ignite Talk Alexander Schwartz msg systems ag Devoxx Belgium – 12 Nov 2015
  2. (cc)


  4. $ mail admin@it-ops $ tail -f app.log

  5. None
  6. Buzzword Bingo { ldap }

  7. Error Collector Application Log Event Analytics

  8. Error Collector Clone of:

  9. Java Big Picture (REST + XML)

  10. Errbit Workspace

  11. Event Analytics

  12. syslog GELF Kafka AMQP Java REST Big Picture Elasticsearch

  13. Graylog Workspace

  14. Graylog Dashboard

  15. Application Log

  16. Big Picture log4j logback log4xxx Nlog syslog dropzone SQL/NoSQL Java

  17. logFaces Workspace

  18. logFaces Trace & Focus

  19. logFaces Query

  20. Never ever… (cc) Errbit: Graylog: logFaces: