air track gymnastics


Air track Gymnastics

If you like gymnastics then you have most likely tried on of the Air track mats. They are special gymnastic mats that enhances you jumps and flips with some additional bounce which makes it easier to do the various stuff.
Airtracks are what takes gymnastic to the next level if you ask me.
The best part about these new Air track mats for gymnastics are that you can combine 2 or 3 airtracks into one long tumble track. And for some models like the GymPlay ones you can even buy addition stuff like Airbarrels, Incline Mats, Landing mats and such to make it even more fun to use. For example if you add a springboard to your airtrack, then you have another meter to use. Or place it on top of the airtrack and use it to practice other gymnastic moves. These Airtracks are great for gymnastics and can really change the way you train and do gymnastics.

Airtracks for home use

While some gymnasts enjoy using the Airtracks at their club many prefers to use it at home for fun or as a piece of gymnastic training equipment. The smaller versions like the 3 meter Air track tracks can be used at home if you got a little bit of space indoor. Or outdoor when the weather is fine to train a little gymnastics on the Airtrack.
While many prefers to use a longer model when trainer in the garden, it can be hard to find space for a 6 meter Airtrack indoor. And to often the weather just isn't for training outdoor, so what do you do? Well one solution may be to buy 2 x 3 meter Airtracks instead of 1 x 6 model. Then buy a GymPlay Velcro connector and turn them into one long Air track. This way you have a 6 meter model to use out in the garden, and 2 3m models you can enjoy indoor when it's raining or cold outside, pretty neat right? But which Airtrack mat should you get? Well there is a bunch of different options out there. Some more expensive than others. But start with ruling out the cheaper models. While you may save some money, the quality isn't really good enough to much out of it, not to mention it will most likely not last long. For a beginner Airtrack for a young person it may be ok to just test if it's something they will enjoy and you can then upgrade later then it breaks.
Another thing you should consider is that many cheaper Airtracks (and some of the more expensive ones too) uses toxic chemicals in their plastic to make it softer. Many of these chemicals are harmful to people and can cause various disorders in the body, such as reducing fertility and so on. So it's also something to consider when shopping Airtracks for home use.

Airtracks for fun or gymnastics?

Should you use the airtrack track for serious gymnastic training or just for fun? I would say it's fine for both. I know who don't really practice gymnastics, but still love to play around on the airtrack trying to learn how a cartwheel or other gymnastic trick.
Some just use it as a big waterslide or a landing mat in combination with their trampoline. It's a fun tool both for those who are looking for some serious training and for those who just some more fun in their back yard.

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