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Getting Started With WP-CLI (WordPress)

Getting Started With WP-CLI (WordPress)

For WordCamp Nagpur (India) 2017


Ajit Bohra

June 24, 2017

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  1. Getting Started With WP-CLI Ajit Bohra Code likha na mera

    karam aur dharam hai @ajitbohra
  2. Are you experienced with Servers & CLI? @ajitbohra

  3. Why CLI? @ajitbohra

  4. Are you experienced working with WP-CLI? @ajitbohra

  5. What is WP-CLI? @ajitbohra

  6. What is Vagrant? @ajitbohra

  7. Why Vagrant? @ajitbohra

  8. Intro to VVV for WordPress development @ajitbohra

  9. Setting Up VVV @ajitbohra

  10. Connecting to local server @ajitbohra

  11. Performing common tasks with WP-CLI @ajitbohra

  12. $wp command subcommand parameters --flag @ajitbohra

  13. Installing & Managing WordPress @ajitbohra

  14. Installing & Managing Themes @ajitbohra

  15. Installing & Managing Plugins @ajitbohra

  16. Managing Post & Terms @ajitbohra

  17. Managing Media (Images) @ajitbohra

  18. Performing DB Operations @ajitbohra

  19. Importing & Exporting Content @ajitbohra

  20. Search Replace paths/strings in DB @ajitbohra

  21. Generating Common Code @ajitbohra

  22. What is WordPress Shell? @ajitbohra

  23. Exploring further @ajitbohra

  24. Resources @ajitbohra https://www.virtualbox.org/ https://www.vagrantup.com/ https://github.com/Varying-Vagrant-Vagrants/VVV/blob/develop/docs/en-US/installation.md https://github.com/dotless-de/vagrant-vbguest http://wp-cli.org/ https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/

  25. Thank you!!! https://lubus.in @ajitbohra ajit.bohra ajitbohra ajit@lubus.in