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Laravel: Launcher For Your Next Big Idea

Laravel: Launcher For Your Next Big Idea

Everyone has some idea or the other which can possibly be the next big thing. Execution is important to bring those ideas to life. Right tools & services are important to get the idea from concept to reality seamlessly. The Laravel ecosystem provides all the right things needed.


Ajit Bohra

March 03, 2019


  1. Laravel Launcher For Your Next Big Idea For PHP Artisan’s

  2. I am Ajit Bohra @ajitbohra ajit@lubus.in +91-9820461665

  3. Founder

  4. Laravel Evangelist

  5. WordPress Core Contributor

  6. Full Stack Developer

  7. Speaker

  8. Cyclist / Randonneur

  9. Writer

  10. Let’s Get Started

  11. New To Laravel?

  12. Developers?

  13. Startups?

  14. Expectations & Takeaways?

  15. Why choose Laravel ? @lubusin

  16. How its good for your next big idea? @lubusin

  17. Resources @lubusin

  18. Learning @lubusin

  19. Why Laravel?

  20. MVC @lubusin

  21. Rapid Application Development @lubusin

  22. Ease Of Development @lubusin

  23. Documentation @lubusin

  24. Nooooo !!! @lubusin

  25. Then ??? @lubusin

  26. Life Before Laravel @lubusin

  27. Life After Laravel @lubusin

  28. Let's Look At Laravel Beyond Code

  29. MVP / Prototyping, let's get the ball rolling @lubusin

  30. The Vision Of Laravel, For PHP Artisan @lubusin

  31. Created To Build @lubusin

  32. Build Based On Real Use Cases @lubusin

  33. Creators Toolkit @lubusin

  34. Easy onboarding @lubusin

  35. LTS, Enterprise Friendly @lubusin

  36. Automated Updates Via Laravel Shift @lubusin

  37. Laravel Ecosystem

  38. Forge, Painless Server Provisioning @lubusin

  39. Envoyer, Zero Downtime Deployment @lubusin

  40. Spark, Perfect Starting Point For Your Next Big Idea @lubusin

  41. Nova, Beautifully Designed Administration Panel @lubusin

  42. Wink, Publishing @lubusin

  43. Passport, oAuth authentication @lubusin

  44. Socialite, Easy social logins @lubusin

  45. Dusk, Easy-to-use Browser Automation And Testing @lubusin

  46. Horizon, A Beautiful Dashboard For Your Queues @lubusin

  47. Telescope, Elegant Debug Assistant @lubusin

  48. More interesting things by the community @lubusin

  49. Building Is Not Just About Code!

  50. Refactoring UI, Design Awesome UI @lubusin

  51. The Noun Project, Icons For Everything @lubusin

  52. Hero Patterns, Repeatable SVG Patterns @lubusin

  53. Undraw > Open Source Illustrations @lubusin

  54. Lot To Use ! Lot To Learn!

  55. Laracasts, Netflix For Developers @lubusin

  56. PHP Package Development @lubusin

  57. Refactoring UI Book @lubusin

  58. Advanced VUE Components @lubusin

  59. Servers For Hackers @lubusin

  60. What More Can We Expect ?

  61. Adoption of modern tools & technologies @lubusin

  62. GraphQL @lubusin

  63. More tools for developer experience @lubusin

  64. Resources

  65. RESOURCES https://laravel.com https://laravelshift.com https://forge.laravel.com https://envoyer.io https://spark.laravel.com https://nova.laravel.com https://wink.themsaid.com https://github.com/laravel/passport https://github.com/laravel/socialite

  66. RESOURCES https://github.com/laravel/dusk https://horizon.laravel.com https://github.com/laravel/telescope https://refactoringui.com https://thenounproject.com http://www.heropatterns.com https://undraw.co https://laracasts.com https://phppackagedevelopment.com

  67. RESOURCES https://refactoringui.com/book https://adamwathan.me/advanced-vue-component-design https://serversforhackers.com

  68. Gymie Open Source Management system for gyms & clubs https://gymie.in

  69. None
  70. THANK YOU Twitter @ajitbohra Web address https://www.lubus.in Email address ajit@lubus.in

    Phone number (+91) 9820461665