Build a Delightful API with Serverless Technology

79d9ba388d6b6cf4ec7310cad9fa8c8a?s=47 Rob Allen
January 11, 2018

Build a Delightful API with Serverless Technology

What makes an API or microservice delightful? An intuitive interface, consistent behaviour, and a reliable, scalable platform. This talk will cover how serverless technologies can help you to deliver all of these things for your API, ensuring that developers will want to work with your API over the competition. I'll cover how to design, build and deploy for serverless platforms, and how to use an API gateway to turn incoming HTTP requests into events that trigger those serverless functions. I'll share some top tips for solid API design - both from a technical HTTP standpoint and with developer experience firmly in mind. After this session, you'll be building and iterating on first-class APIs and microservices, and developers will be clamouring to use them.

Presented at CodeMash, OH, USA, 11 January 2018


Rob Allen

January 11, 2018