Better Is The Only Way Forward

Fc6a528fe2b60482971b1642577ae43d?s=47 Alan Stevens
April 24, 2012

Better Is The Only Way Forward

As well-intentioned professionals, we all want to get better at our work. The problem is that it isn't always clear what aspect of our work holds the highest long-term value. The obvious thing to do is learn is a language syntax or a technology. Things become much less clear when we face situations without an obvious right or wrong answer. This is the domain of expertise. The process for acquiring expertise is well studied and documented. We constantly use a mixture of technical, communication and business skills. It is up to us to decide if we should develop expertise in a business domain or expand our technical skills in case we find ourselves on the job market? In this presentation, we will review what is known about expertise and its acquisition. We will examine how best to apply this information to our own careers in the face of constant change.


Alan Stevens

April 24, 2012