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My Prayer As I Leave You

My Prayer As I Leave You

As my last message before I begin a sabbatical from speaking and traveling, I want you to know these things.


Alan Stevens

August 30, 2013


  1. My Prayer As I Leave You

  2. When it’s over, it’s over.

  3. My prayer for you is that you might:

  4. Know your potential and fulfill it.

  5. Be patient with yourself.

  6. Show compassion for your peers.

  7. Demonstrate professional discipline in the face of pressure.

  8. Develop a reliable bullshit detector.

  9. Practice continuous improvement.

  10. Honor yourself.

  11. Get enough sleep.

  12. Find meaning in non-technical pursuits.

  13. See beyond the hype.

  14. Find comrades.

  15. Listen.

  16. Be brave.

  17. Be honest.

  18. Be kind.

  19. Earn trust.

  20. Acknowledge your mistakes.

  21. Learn.

  22. Know the difference between being correct and doing the right

  23. Recognize when to compromise.

  24. Love one another.