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DevOps in a Serverless World, best practices and tools

DevOps in a Serverless World, best practices and tools

You might think that moving to Serverless is going to hinder your ability to manage your apps but instead if you adopt the right approach, implement the right objectives, Serverless can instead be a wonderful opportunity to align business goals and development agility.

The presentation covers some SRE (Site Reliabity Engineering) practices such as SLOs and error budget and discusses how Google Cloud Functions, App Engine, and Cloud Run offer both the productivity of Serverless and the observability for proper DevOps.

Alexis MP

May 17, 2019

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  1. @alexismp DevOps et Serverless Utopie ou opportunité? ALEXIS MOUSSINE-POUCHKINE DEVELOPER

  2. @alexismp Serverless Operational Model No Server Management Fully Managed Security

    Pay only for usage Programming Model Service-based Open Auto-scale Event-driven
  3. @alexismp Survey ! Serverless is about deploying : 1/ Functions,

    obviously! 2/ Applications, otherwise it’s just glue code... 3/ Containers ! (because Kubernetes)
  4. @alexismp Serverless?

  5. @alexismp Serverless

  6. @alexismp Serverless No-Ops

  7. @alexismp Serverless No-Ops

  8. @alexismp Serverless!

  9. @alexismp 01 Challenges Monitoring Serverless

  10. @alexismp agent Instances Requests queue event pub/sub

  11. @alexismp cloud.google.com Functions Cloud Functions Cloud Services Emit events Writes

    back Invokes other services Other Services Containers Applications
  12. @alexismp Serverless Postcard

  13. @alexismp 02 Learning from Google SRE

  14. class SRE implements DevOps Site Reliability Engineering

  15. SRE 1,000,000,000 users 2500

  16. None
  17. Blameless post-mortems Incident Management CI/CD SLI / SLO Testing Actionable

    Alerting Error Budget ...
  18. S ervice L evel I ndicator SLO SLA Does this

    impact my customer, my business?
  19. SLI S ervice L evel O bjective SLA = error

    budget 100 % -
  20. Versioning Multiple versions, all active

  21. Canary Blue/Green Release with flexibility and confidence

  22. @alexismp cloud.google.com Application Version Service Version Instance Instance Service Version

    Version Instance Instance Functions Containers Applications App Engine
  23. @alexismp pic-a-daily.appspot.com

  24. @alexismp Event-driven logic Data storage User facing Frontend Web +

    API Admin app Picture files Picture metadata & most frequent tags Vision API annotations: Labels, color, filtering Via Pub/sub Compute most popular tags pic-a-daily.appspot.com
  25. @alexismp cloud.google.com Containers Everything at Google runs in containers •

    Gmail, Web Search, Maps, ... • MapReduce, batch, ... • GFS, Colossus, ... • Even GCP’s VMs run in containers! 2 billion containers per week
  26. @alexismp cloud.google.com Functions Container to production in seconds One DevX

    Fully-managed or GKE Containers (can too be serverless) Applications Cloud Run Natively serverless
  27. @alexismp Serverless Compute on Google Cloud App Engine Apps Cloud

    Run Containers Cloud Functions Functions NEW!
  28. @alexismp cloud.google.com Serverless Compute on Google Cloud App Engine Cloud

    Functions Cloud Run Apps Functions Containers NEW! Cloud Scheduler Cloud Pub/Sub Cloud Tasks
  29. @alexismp Survey ! Serverless is about deploying : 1/ Functions,

    obviously! 2/ Applications, otherwise it’s just glue code... 3/ Containers ! (because Kubernetes)
  30. @alexismp Deploy anything: Functions or Apps or Containers !

  31. 03 Tooling

  32. @alexismp Tools @alexismp Metrics Logs Error Reports Events Incidents Traces

  33. @alexismp Logging Distributed tracing across services Analysis reports Continuous profiling

    CPU and memory costs down to the function level Real-time Log Analysis Centralized and fully-managed Traces Profiler
  34. @alexismp Error Reporting Real-time exception monitoring & alerting Understand application

    errors Inspect state of running application Live snapshots Logpoints Debugger
  35. @alexismp

  36. @alexismp Recap NoOps is no better term vs. Serverless Serverless

    and microservices come with unique Ops challenges Class SRE implements DevOps Tools require opinionated runtimes @alexismp
  37. @alexismp landing.google.com/sre/books

  38. @alexismp SREs vs. DevOps goo.gl/Po28UK

  39. @alexismp Thank you. @alexismp ALEXIS MOUSSINE-POUCHKINE cloud.google.com