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Introduction to Sansan, inc / Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.

Introduction to Sansan, inc / Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.

Sansan's mission is "Turning encounters into innovation." Its primary solutions are: Sansan for sales DX (digital transformation), Bill One for cloud-based invoice management, Contract One for cloud-based contract management, and the Eight career profile app.

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Sansan, Inc.

June 09, 2023

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  1. Recruitment Process Recruitment Total 15 days E2E recruitment process. STEP1

    First Interview STEP2 Coding Examination STEP3 Second Interview STEP4 Third & Final Interview ⁃ Technical (covers coding exam results) and Soft/Business Skills ⁃ Case 1: Basic coding challenges ⁃ Case 2: Advanced challenges ⁃ Culture Fitting, Technical and Soft/Business Skills ⁃ Company Profile ⁃ Products & Services ⁃ Technology Stack ⁃ Sansan Engineering Way of Working (Lead time: 3 days) (Lead Time: 5-7 days) (Lead Time: 2 days) (Lead Time: 2 days) *** Coding examination and 2nd interview will run in parallel. If passed all interviews, another 2 days job offer deliberation. Then 1 day for job offer presentation. Total 15 days E2E recruitment process.
  2. Sansan, Inc. About Sansan 2 June 11, 2007 6,688 million

    yen (as of November 30, 2023) Kamiyama Lab Sansan Innovation Lab Nagaoka Lab Sansan Global Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.(Philippines) logmi, Inc. Diamond Corporate Data Services, Inc. CREATIVE SURVEY INC. Institute of Language Understanding Inc. Established Capital stock Head Office Sansan Palacio Kansai Branch Fukuoka Branch Chubu Branch Locations Satellite offices Group companies Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market Listed stock exchange Planning, development, and sales of digital transformation services that change how people work Business Chika Terada Representative The concept behind Sansan The suffix or honorific “-san" symbolizes "person,” like Mr. and Ms. in English. Sansan stands for people and their encounters with each other. We hope to create encounters that change the world. The red line represents that desire. Sansan Bill One Contract One Eight Main services
  3. Bill One: The invoice management solution Our services | Bill

    One Paper, PDF, and all other invoices that used to be delivered separately to various locations and departments are now digitized and delivered together. Sansan’s technology and operations, forged by continuously and accurately digitizing the vast array of business card types, enable us to process invoices in a way never before possible. From analog to digital. Bill One streamlines billing operations for the entire company, including the accounting department, and speeds up monthly closing. This, in turn, speeds up management’s decision-making. Fast monthly closing starting with invoice receipt
  4. Bill One’s value proposition Our services | Bill One Companies

    issuing invoices Bill One contracting companies One-stop receipt 99.9%-accurate digitization Centralized management in a database Upload Post Proxy receipt and scanning Email One-stop receipt of invoices in any format, with centralized invoice management
  5. Bill One’s three main benefits Our services | Bill One

    Receive any invoice online Build a workflow compliant with changing regulations Increase productivity companywide, not just in accounting
  6. Expanding the invoice network with Bill One Our services |

    Bill One An invoice network of around 70,000 companies has been established with contracting companies and the companies that send invoices to them.
  7. Bill One overseas expansion Our services | Bill One The

    Bill One invoice network is expanding to include Singapore and Thailand.
  8. Jul-22 Sep-22 Nov-22 Jan-23 Mar-23 Apr-23 May-23 Jul-23 Aug-23 Sep-23

    Oct-23 Nov-23 Total employees (Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.) Organization 1 ~20 ~35 We’ll keep growing! In the last 1 years... we’ve grownby 30+ people
  9. Age ranges (Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.) Organization 40% 20s

    55% 5% 40s and up 30s as of August 2023 Permanent and contract employees
  10. Organizational structure overview Organization Consolidating front office and product functions

    for each of the four main products PR, branding, business development, global business promotion, etc. Other divisions Engineers, R&D, system management, CSIRT, etc. Engineering Division Contract One Unit Sansan Division Marketing, inside sales, sales, customer success, etc. Bill One Division Marketing, inside sales, sales, customer success, etc. Eight Division Marketing, inside sales, sales, customer success, etc. Marketing, sales, etc. General affairs, legal, finance, accounting, etc. Corporate HQ Recruiting, labor, training, system design and operation, etc. HR Division
  11. © Sansan, Inc. Office-centric is the best way to work

    What is office-centric? At Sansan, we assume an office-centric work style, with everyone sharing the same space and time to realize our mission and vision with a seven- person, eight-legged team. Various chance encounters and communication in the office can lead directly to new results and innovation. We position the office as an important venue to create such breakthrough growth. How we work While being office-centric is our basis, we also use remote work, outside the office, from the standpoint of diversity, efficiency, and convenience. Employees can choose their work locations, taking responsibility for their own work style and results. Sansan’s work style Working environment © Sansan, Inc.
  12. Where we are / Overseas (group companies) Working environment Singapore

    Sansan Global Pte. Ltd. Cebu, Philippines Sansan Global Development Center, Inc. Thailand Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.
  13. Where we are / Japan Working environment Nagaoka Lab Kamiyama

    Lab Kansai Branch Chubu Branch Sansan Innovation Lab Fukuoka Branch Head Office Sansan Palacio
  14. Cloud-based invoice management solution "Bill One" 24 Tech stack Category

    Technology Stack Programming Language / Library etc. Frontend HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React.js Backend Kotlin、Ktor Other Docker, Cloud Build Infrastructure GCP(Cloud Run、Cloud Functions、Cloud Tasks etc.) Database Cloud SQL(PostgreSQL) Monitoring Cloud Logging, Sentry CI Cloud Build Code Management GitHub
  15. Week 3 ⁃ Dev env setup ⁃ Full stack mini

    project Onboarding Process 25 This program is designed to help you learn about our culture and services and to quickly get you up and running, and achieving results Week 1 This training is given for all positions. It's designed to deepen product knowledge and understanding of the company's mission. All new hires take part in the training together. ⁃ PC/laptop setup ⁃ SCOP training Week 2 ⁃ Product training ⁃ Engineering processes Gain in-depth understanding of the product and technology of the product for which you’re responsible. Cebu engineers get to practice and simulate an existing project as an exercise to gauge their understanding of the product and technology. At the end of this part, an evaluation is given based on exercise results.
  16. © Sansan, Inc. Turning encounters into innovation Our world is

    built on encounters; they are the very basis of society. People encounter people. Companies encounter companies. We believe these connections bring innovation, which in turn leads to new ways of working and doing business. By developing innovative products, we change how people and companies value their encounters, and even change how those encounters take place. Mission About Sansan
  17. The “katachi” of Sansan About Sansan - Mission - Values

    - Premise - Vision Turning encounters into innovations Face your mission and love your work Lead the customer Anticipate the experience Make decisions with determination and intent Find a faster way Leverage all strengths Appreciate and be inspired Don’t fear change, and challenge yourself Balancing security and convenience Become business infrastructure
  18. Solutions that digitally transform how you work Our services From

    the outset, Sansan has helped companies by digitizing analog information, starting with business cards, to be utilized as data. We are now advancing digital transformation (DX) and reshaping how people work by developing services not only in contact and customer management, but also in broader areas such as sales, accounting, contracts, and career development. Sansan’s DX services that reshape how people work will continue our ability to help companies and businesspeople solve problems.
  19. Digitally transform how you work Our services Offering a business

    database that reshapes how people work and that connects encounters with people and companies with business opportunities. Developing services in business flows in various fields. Digital Transformation (DX) for B2B Users can immediately find information they need Information is easy to manage and can be shared immediately Easy to analyze and utilize information and make decisions based on data Work styles that will change with use of business databases Request Business card management Business card DX Sales Sales DX Contract Legal DX Accounting DX DX for B2C
  20. Solutions that digitally transform how you work Our services Accounting

    DX Legal DX Database to strengthen sales Sales DX solution Fast monthly closing starting with invoice receipt Invoice management solution Build your contract database, maximize your business The contract database Sales DX Business card DX One-touch business card exchange and management Business card app
  21. Professional recruiting Individual paid plan Eight as a platform for

    business development Our services Business events Contact management solution for SMBs Developing a service to create new encounters derived from this app with 3.3 million career profiles
  22. Sansan: The sales DX solution The database to power your

    sales Sansan is the solution for digitally transforming sales. Sansan surpasses contact management, accurately digitizing information acquired from customer contact points, including business cards, email signatures, and web form entries, enabling centralized management. Additionally, with more than 1 million items of corporate information preloaded, insights such as business type, number of employees, sales revenue, and job position can be used for sales and marketing initiatives. Integrating this data with external systems enables an even wider range of aims, like strengthening of corporate governance and risk management. Our services | Sansan
  23. Sansan: Reformed to Being a Database to Power Sales Reformed

    product from business card/contact management service to sales DX solution. Building databases unique to user companies by combining company information and contact databases. Our services | Sansan Database to power sales and unique to each user company Contact database Corporate database Data item • Trade name • Location • Teikoku Databank code • Establishment date • Industry • Employees • Sales • Capital Note: Some information is linked only to business cards in user’s possession. • Representative officer information • Executive information and more Business cards Website inquiries Email Phone calls Seminars Virtual cards System integration Microsoft(2) Teams, Outlook, Concur Expense (Salesforce, Marketo, SATORI, and more ) (1) Salesforce is a registered trademark of salesforce.com, Inc. (2) Microsoft Teams, Teams, and Microsoft Outlook are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  24. The value of using Sansan By leveraging the full range

    of customer information, sales can be conducted with a deeper understanding of the customer to maximize sales results. Our services | Sansan Know the latest status of your customers Raise the quality of proposals and quantity of actions Approach through different channels Integrate data with external systems for greater utilization
  25. We’ve established a system for digitizing analog information that’s unmatched

    among competitors. Systems and technologies for digitizing analog information Digitization technology Combined technologies Scan large volumes of analog information Humans: Manual entry AI: Data entry Humans: Final check Database Quickly and accurately digitize large volumes of analog information Automatic detection and micro-tasking of analog information Cycle of many years since establishment Automatic detection of language Automatic sorting to operators Diverse network of data entry operators Image processing technology Automatic and manual data entry of analog information images
  26. Unique business card digitization system based on micro-tasking + multi-sourcing

    Digitization technology our supports services Digitization technology 4 Segment classified card information 3 Business card item classification 1 2 Scan, photograph Image processing 5 Data entry
  27. Smart capture Technology enabling delivery of results to user within

    seconds of capturing Item segmentation Discerns items from the business card design without reading the text Language recognition Determines language without reading characters Mistake detector Learns error trends and predicts likelihood of mistakes Using various propriety image recognition technologies, we digitize business cards at high speed and with high accuracy. Image recognition technology Digitization technology
  28. Recognizing similarities Digitization technology James Wong James Wong Tiger IT

    Systems ABC Corp. HR Business cards Email signatures Public info/news Customer management info Company master Info request Business talk details … Identifies and merges information on people and companies with the same name to powerfully organize data. Latest company news Personnel changes
  29. Engineering Division An Engineering Unit works with each product unit

    and a group handles core technologies. Engineering Division Organization Sansan Engineering Unit Eight Engineering Unit Bill One Engineering Unit Strategic Products Engineering Unit Quality Assurance Group Data Strategy Department Overseas Establishment Team Digitization Department Infrastructure Strategy Department Corporate System Department Mobile Application Group R&D Department Information Security Department VPoE Team Data Hub Engineering Unit Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.
  30. HR initiative design philosophy HR initiatives Our internal system must

    allow for highly productive ways of working that encourage business growth Aiming to achieve further business growth Turning encounters into innovation Mission
  31. Facilitating communication HR initiatives Nana-hachi This program provides opportunities for

    new employees to interact with members outside of their departments and learn about Sansan’s business and colleagues from various areas. Katachi Salon This is a chance to talk openly with management members about the Sansan katachi. S1 Breakfast To promote communication within teams, we provide breakfast every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, when the company-wide S1 morning meeting is held.
  32. Training system HR initiatives 1 on 1 Regular one-on-one meetings

    between managers and members, giving them the opportunity to discuss their work and careers. Strength Matching Enneagram and Strength Finders are completed and presented to understand each person's strengths within the department.