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FT Accessibility 101

Df057cdadda4cd7a2a2db52576de1bf2?s=47 Alice Bartlett
September 15, 2016

FT Accessibility 101

Lightning talk about accessibility for the FT


Alice Bartlett

September 15, 2016


  1. Alice Bartlett Origami Lead, Financial Times @alicebartlett Accessibility 101


  3. WebAim reckons there are 4 categories of impairment: @alicebartlett

  4. 1. visual 2. hearing 3. motor 4. cognitive @alicebartlett

  5. This way of thinking about accessibility is not perfect @alicebartlett

  6. GDS Anne Gibson has written about this over on A

    List Apart
  7. Accessibility needs can be long term @alicebartlett

  8. You have epilepsy @alicebartlett

  9. You’re blind @alicebartlett

  10. You have learning difficulties @alicebartlett

  11. Accessibility needs can be temporary @alicebartlett

  12. You have a migraine @alicebartlett

  13. You break your arm @alicebartlett

  14. You develop RSI @alicebartlett

  15. You’re in a very noisy and chaotic environment @alicebartlett

  16. Give users as many ways as possible to access your

    website @alicebartlett
  17. There are technologies that can help for many impairments @alicebartlett

  18. Screen readers @alicebartlett

  19. Dictation software @alicebartlett

  20. Keyboards @alicebartlett

  21. And there are some improvements that aren’t technology based @alicebartlett

  22. Colour choices @alicebartlett

  23. Sentence length @alicebartlett

  24. Language @alicebartlett

  25. Information architecture @alicebartlett

  26. So reaching a good level of accessibility means supporting a

    variety of assistive tech, and designing your site thoughtfully @alicebartlett
  27. That involves everyone. @alicebartlett

  28. Accessibility is everyone’s responsibility

  29. Vox Media have a checklist for their designers, pms, qa,

    and developers (link at the end) @alicebartlett
  30. The Straw Test

  31. @alicebartlett

  32. @alicebartlett

  33. WHY?

  34. The Equality Act (2010)

  35. “The duty to make reasonable adjustments”

  36. 1. http://accessibility.voxmedia.com/ 2. http://alistapart.com/article/reframing-accessibility- for-the-web @alicebartlett