My name is Allyson Souza, I’m a web developer specialized in WordPress. Free software and open web enthusiast. Former Senior Web Developer at NextPress and Former Co-founder and Web Developer of Haste Studio.

I graduated from FATEC São Caetano do Sul as a Digital Games Programming Technologist in 2014, but I’ve dedicated my career to web development from the start.

I learned WordPress around 2010 and began specializing in 2013 when we decided to use the platform to develop our website at Haste Studio. During this process, I came into contact with the community, which was an extremely positive surprise and from where I got a lot of help, and from then on I never let go of the platform.

During the 13 years of Haste Studio (2009-2022), I worked as a Project Manager and Lead Developer, responsible for methodological and technical decisions, team management, and development of all agency projects. I have worked with various WordPress and WooCommerce projects, developing custom themes (classic and block-focused), custom plugins (e.g.,  WooCommerce add-ons, Custom Ads Manager, and all kinds of plugins to implement business logic), custom Gutenberg blocks (e.g., from scratch using React.js, or with ACF), WP REST API, third-party applications integrations and migration (e.g., SalesForce ERP Sync with WooCommerce, migration from proprietary CMS to WordPress), page speed audit and optimization, security audit and harderning, SEO analysis, report and optimization.

I have contributed to the WordPress community, having co-organized events in the São Paulo community from 2014 to 2021, Global Translator Editor, moderator of the national forum, among other contributions.

My current goal is to find an opportunity where I can grow my skills and consolidate myself as WordPress specialist, working with experienced co-workers from different cultures and backgrounds, large scale projects, and learning new technologies and methodologies.



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