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Polyphasic sleep experiment

July 02, 2013

Polyphasic sleep experiment

This is a talk I gave to a group of General Practicioners interested in sleep and my polyphasic experiment at six40winks.com


July 02, 2013

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  1. An experiment in polyphasic sleep or how survive on 3h

    of sleep Dr. Alvaro Feito Boirac, Physicist and polyphasic sleeper GP Training, July 2013
  2. 3h

  3. Polysomnography • EEG • EOG (oculogram) • EMG (chin myogram)

    • Breathing • Temperature • Erection (=REM) • Growth Hormone • Cortisol 7am • Melatonine • Serotonine • Noradrenaline
  4. Results? • Everyman (~4h) adaptation in 4 weeks [good fitness,

    mood, productivity] [but requires: extreme motivation, :( social life, support from friend / partner] • Uberman (2-3h) adaptation unsuccessful [not enough focus, determination? Or impossible?] [even harder motivation, effort, etc] • Learned to nap, self control, time, data yet to mine [sport → Deep, deprivation → less light, alcohol → broken sleep, decaf → effect]
  5. Other discoveries ... • Can you die if you don't

    sleep? • What is the “second sleep” (2x3.5)? • Mental health issues? • Do you still sleep at night without night?