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Open API and the Impact on Business Models [Keynote]

Amancio Bouza
September 18, 2019

Open API and the Impact on Business Models [Keynote]

In this keynote, you'll see the difference between just APIs and API-as-a-Product, which have a significant impact on business models and value creation.
Open API is the foundation of API products. The API is the interface to a value proposition. This approach leads to new business models, digital platforms, digital ecosystems.
I present the API-as-a-Product stories of Swisscom and the Red Cross and show how the organization and culture has an essential impact on how technological capabilities impact the business value.

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Amancio Bouza

September 18, 2019

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    sitic, 18. September 2019, Winterthur
  2. @AmancioBouza Amancio Bouza API is the interface to a value

    proposition API & AI Enthusiast, Dot Connector, Author of API Product Management • Principal Consultant, ipt • Digital Catalyst, The Digital Journeymen 2 amanciobouza @amancio.bouza amanciobouza.com
  3. Open API has an impact on Business Models My promise:

    You’ll understand what it takes to build a successful business model based on Open API A preview: Two Stories: The Swisscom API Journey and API Product Management at an NGO. 3
  4. 10

  5. 19

  6. 22 #1 Let’s do Open API #2 Let’s foster better

    and quicker apps Still missing! Source: Amancio Bouza, Institute of Product Leadership: https://youtu.be/LKwtHaPxrhU
  7. API is the interface to a value proposition. 24 Source:


    HAVE GONE EXTINCT 42 Source: Innosight Your company name could be shown here
  9. Rapport API API solution that helps to digitalize a business

    process. Cost saving as business value 54 Source: https://twitter.com/AccentureTech/status/1035528650416955393
  10. “3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to a

    lack of reliable transportation” 57 Uber Health Source: https://www.uberhealth.com/about
  11. 0.085 M miss appointment in Switzerland $135/15min cost of missed

    appointment $11.5 M total loss because of missed appointments Source: https://www.expatistan.com/price/doctor/zurich 58 “3.6 million Americans miss their appointments due to a lack of reliable transportation” USA Population: 327.2 M Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States SWITZERLAND Population: 8.5 M Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland 3.6 M miss appointment in the USA => Source: https://www.uberhealth.com/about
  12. CHF '1.00 CHF 200'001.00 CHF 400'001.00 CHF 600'001.00 CHF 800'001.00

    Rapport App (API Solution) Transport Care (API Product) API PRODUCT BEATS API SOLUTION 61 Revenue $1’000’000 Revenue $200’000 5x Source: https://www.digital.redcross.ch/: Assumption: 12 customers, 1500 drivers => $204k
  13. API Product for Healthcare Organizations: TRANSPORT CARE Manage Transports (not

    rapports) POST, GET, PUT /transports {startTime, distanceKM, duration, destination, passenger} 67 ASSISTED TRANSPORT APP
  14. 76 Business Value Social Context smarter faster better cheaper more

    Technology and promised capabilites Boosts or blocks the impact of technological capabilities on the business value!
  15. PYRAMIDE OF DIGITALIZATION 79 Digital Transformation is about setting the

    social context right to leverage the benefits promised by a technology. Source: https://medium.com/api-product-management/what-is-digital-transformation-digitalization-and-digitization-c76277ffbdd6
  16. Digital Transformation Framework* Eliminate Blockers to remove obstacles that hinder

    success Establish Enablers to boost the effect of techn. capabilities on the business value Next Action: Get an API product manager and a dedicated team. Give teams responsibility and accountability IT/API Governance 80 Observation Swisscom NGO Make or Break API as a Product Approach Yes No Enabler API as a Project Approach No Yes Blocker API Product Manager Yes No Enabler Budget No No Enabler Integration Layer Yes No Enabler Product Manager Yes Yes Stakeholder manag. No Responsibility in Team No Yes Blocker No Accountability No Yes Blocker Account Manager Yes No Enabler Sales Force Yes No Enabler Developer Portal Yes No Enabler No Ops No Yes Blocker DevOps Yes No Enabler BizDevOps Yes No Enabler API Management Platform Yes Yes Enabler * an early stage idea. that should make clear what is part of your digital transformation roadmap form a social context. (organization)
  17. Take Away 81 Open API is an Invitation API is

    the interface to a value proposition API-as-a-Product to do the right thing that customers love Adapt the social context! That’s the transformation challenge.
  18. @AmancioBouza Amancio Bouza API is the interface to a value

    proposition API & AI Enthusiast, Dot Connector, Author of API Product Management • Principal Consultant, ipt • Catalyst, The Digital Journeymen 82 amanciobouza @amancio.bouza amanciobouza.com
  19. Director Product Management at Amazon in Seattle 86 Source: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6392958411058798592

    Continuous Innovation Workshop Outlearn Your Competition and Build Products That Matter.
  20. API Product Management Product Strategy and Execution for the Digital

    Economy The API Product Management book is the state-of-the-art guide to creating, launching, and running API products that customers love. In this book, we offer best- practices, tactical and practical approaches, and real-world examples. It helps you to adapt it in your context. 90 http://api-as-a-product.com/