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Move fast, don't break your API

Amber Feng
September 30, 2014

Move fast, don't break your API

Amber Feng

September 30, 2014

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  1. post '/v1/charges' do card_number = params[:card_number] amount = params[:amount] charge

    = create_charge(card_number, amount) json { id: charge.id, amount: charge.amount card_number: charge.redacted_card_number, success: charge.success } end
  2. post '/v1/charges' do ... unless card_number.length == 16 return {error:

    "Invalid card number."} end unless amount > 0 and amount <= CHARGE_MAX return {error: "Invalid amount."} end ... end
  3. curl https://stripe.com/v1/charges -u API_KEY -d card_number=4242424242424242 -d amount=100 => {

    id: "ch_xxx", amount: 100, card_number: "*4242", success: true }
  4. use ErrorHandler use Authenticator get '/v1/charges/:id' do user = env.user

    id = params[:id] unless user.get_charge(id) raise UserError.new("No charge #{id}!") end end
  5. class ChargeCreateMethod < AbstractAPIMethod required :amount, :integer required :card_number, :string

    resource ChargeAPIResource def execute create_charge(amount, card_number) end end
  6. class ChargeAPIResource < AbstractAPIResource required :id, :string required :amount, :integer

    required :card_number, :string required :success, :boolean def describe_card_number charge.redacted_card_number end end
  7. class ChargeCreateMethod < AbstractAPIMethod required :amount, :integer required :card_number, :string

    document :amount, "Amount, in cents." document :card_number, "The card number." ... end
  8. def execute if !user.gating(:allows_amount) && params[:amount] raise UserError.new("Invalid param.") end

    ... if !user.gating(:allows_amount) response.delete(:amount) end end