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September 18, 2016




September 18, 2016


  1. Basic Level Amita Sharma Presented by Fedora Project Introduction to

  2. Today's Topics 1. Why Linux and Fedora 2. Ways to

    participate 3. How to start 4. Impact 5. Links
  3. WHY

  4. Linux is everywhere – Google, twitter, android, Facebook, Traffic Controlling,

    IRCTC, NASA, stock, defense, space science Fedora - It is Free and Open Source Free to install/use, modify/experiment, and free to redistribute Details
  5. Fedora

  6. What

  7. What are different ways to participate Testing Content Writing Designer

    People Person Developer Translator Admin Packaging Marketing What
  8. How

  9. How to Start Install Fedora OS Create FAS -

    r/new Choose what you want to do Join IRC and Mailing Lists Start reading – Fedora Magazine, Blogs and then start doing Trac/ prague Tickets How
  10. Impact

  11. Being in Fedora will change few things in life -

    all for Good Great Learning - Industry Experience Strong Skills Advance Technology System Control People Impact
  12. References a_successful_contributor

  13. Fedora Diversity

  14. Questions?