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Fedora Diversity

8f3e395f675fbe598687b2ff5b92de46?s=47 Amita
April 26, 2017

Fedora Diversity

Council Report



April 26, 2017


  1. A Vision Amita Sharma Presented by Fedora Diversity team License:

    CC-BY-SA Fedora Diversity
  2. Objectives/Goals What has been done Work in progress Future Plans

    Questions for Council Open Floor Agenda
  3. Objectives/Goals in a nutshell

  4. Help Fedora to be an Inclusive and Diverse Community by

    bringing in more diverse people and support them in Fedora community Work in coordination with other Fedora teams, to help them on-board more diverse people. Give an easy platform/website to the contributors to appreciate each other, which will encourage people positively. Objectives
  5. What has been done

  6. Selection of the first Diversity Adviser Team and tooling Wiki

    Pages Pagure Repo Tasks Mailing Lists, IRC, Telegram Articles Work Done
  7. Fedora Women Day Presence of diversity team in Flock last

    year Diversity Panel Presentation Diversity Team FAD Demographic survey / marketing campaign Fedora Appreciation Week Work Done
  8. Work in progress

  9. "Bootstrapping" the team Outreach and Engagement Community Awareness Community Building

    / Bonding Revitalizing Fedora Women Happiness Packet It is happening
  10. Bootstrapping

  11. Pagure -Ticket tracker to track progress on short-term and long-term

    tasks Wiki pages - Communicating with world Mailing list/IRC/Telegram - Regular communication / discussion among team On-boarding guidelines for new members Easy fixes Badge issued on joining Bootstrapping
  12. Outreach and Engagement

  13. Diversity Panel and Presentations Diversity Team FAD https://communityblog.fedoraproject.org/fedo ra-diversity-fad-2017/ Video

    Creation https://youtu.be/JHN4xHPYQjw D&I related events like FWD, LGBT Awareness Day and FLISOL O & E
  14. Community Awareness

  15. Articles COC, FAD, Event reports Planning to use Survey Results

    to encourage diversity across all the projects in Fedora Understand the composition of Fedora community and its concerns Identify target / focus areas for next year goals and building a strategy based on those results Community Awareness
  16. Community building / bonding

  17. Fedora Appreciation Week Positive engagement of contributors, appreciating existing contributors

    Promoting Fedora core values Ticket - https://pagure.io/fedora-commops/issue/92 Requirements - Badges, Social Media, Blogs, Stickers A small POC - Happiness Packet Week Bonding
  18. Happiness Packet Week Week starting 2017-04-10: 72 Week starting 2017-04-03:

    35 Week starting 2017-03-27: 2 Revitalizing Fedora Women Ticket - https://pagure.io/fedora- diversity/issue/19 Efforts - Moderator Guidelines, Posts,Wiki page editing, Bridge between IRC channel and Telegram group. Bonding
  19. Future Plans

  20. Collaboration with other sigs/groups. Survey Results Budget Planning Plan for

    the best
  21. Collaboration with other sigs/groups. CommOps and Diversity - Diversity leveraging

    CommOps for Outreach, CommOps helping Diversity to understand community and its needs. Ambassadors and Diversity - Create strategies targeted towards on-boarding contributors from underrepresented groups at conferences and events. Marketing and Diversity - Create content on Fedora Magazine to promote awareness about diverse Fedora community Plan for the best
  22. Survey Results Using survey data, identify key teams to focus

    on for Diversity and Inclusion strategy Understand the composition of Fedora community and its concerns Identify target / focus areas for next year goals and building a strategy based on those results Plan for the best
  23. $ Budget $ Financial Aid for participants form underrepresented group

    Partial subsidy for underrepresented contributors Events Swags/t-shirts etc Supporting internal (within country) travel for speakers Fedora stickers highlighting women and diversity and underrepresented groups. Plan for the best
  24. May I ask? License: CC-BY-SA

  25. Diversity Adviser How/When Reuse of the last developed process Help

    for CoC Should we help council Questions for Council
  26. Questions? License: CC-BY-SA amsharma@redhat.com Contact: