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Women In OpenSource

August 15, 2016

Women In OpenSource

My paper will highlight different aspect of diversity and how fedora is supporting diversity in all terms.
It's wonderful to be a woman. Women have been participating in social, political, economic, cultural, and technological fields for many decades and it's time to push it further. Even if Fedora has a rising number of women participating actively in our community, we aim to increase this number by creating and encouraging programs where women interested in IT can develop their personal and technical skills and make a path for themselves in the IT field.

Every activity counts, like running workshops for schoolgirls in undeserved areas or reaching out to college women to spread knowledge about open source. We can share information about many great groups and opportunities, such as OpenHatch, Women in Drupal, PyLadies, Outreachy and Google Summer of Code. There are so many great outreach programs for women in open source, and we just need to spread the knowledge and motivate women out there to join the movement. We can point people to the resources created for supporting women in open source by the Ada Initiative during its existence from 2011 to 2015, and more resources available on the Geek Feminism wiki. There are lots of things to do, and it is not just coding in fact, you can do many different and exciting things to contribute to open source, such as writing, documentation, design, translation, testing, and more.

We can have a helping-pyramid where each Fedora woman can be a mentor of two more women, and once they feel comfortable enough, each one can be a mentor for two more women, and thus continue the work to make our numbers grow.


August 15, 2016

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  1. Diversity
    Women in Open Source
    Women in Open Source
    Amita Sharma
    Amita Sharma

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  2. Agenda

    Fedora Diversity

    Women Contributions (Myths/Facts)



    How to grow the numbers

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  3. Fedora Diversity

    Initiative started last year

    Fedora Diversity Adviser

    Diversity Team

    Fedora Women Day – 15 July

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  4. Women Day - Pune

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  5. Myths

    Women are not interested in technology

    Women can't do programming

    Men developers are more talented than women

    There is no work-life balance for women who
    work in the tech industry

    So on and on...

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  6. Facts
    Let's see (
    ) the facts...

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  7. Women in Technology

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  8. A Specialist

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  9. A Director

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  10. A Vice President

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  11. An Artist

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  12. A Designer

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  13. An Adviser

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  14. Winners

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  15. A Tester
    Please look at my face :)

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  16. Facts

    Women are very creative


    Powerful and Intelligent

    Diversity increases success

    Magical numbers

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  17. Initiatives

    Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

    Women in Open Source Award


    Google Summer of Code


    Women in Drupal

    Ada Initiative


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  18. Gaps

    Lack of knowledge



    Time commitment

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  19. Helping Pyramid
    “Let us help ourselves“

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  20. Q/A

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