2014 State of the PhD, Stockholm, Sweden

2014 State of the PhD, Stockholm, Sweden

This presentation highlights the status of the PhD thesis as of June 2014. The talk was given at EMJD-DC Spring Event at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. For more details on the work, visit https://aminmkhan.com.


Amin M. Khan

June 02, 2014


  1. 1.

    Community Cloud: Collabora ve Mul -Cloud Ecosystems in Community Networks

    Progress Update for Doctorate in Distributed Compu ng Amin Khan amin.khan@ieee.org Advsior: Felix Freitag Co-Advisor: Luís Rodrigues Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Ins tuto Superior Técnico. INESC-ID Barcelona, Spain Lisbon, Portugal Monday nd June, EMJD-DC Spring Event, Stockholm, Sweden
  2. 2.

    Community Networks social collec ve for building ICT infrastructure in

    bo om-up fashion based on reciprocal sharing
  3. 3.

    Community Clouds collabora ve mul -cloud services extending voluntary and

    p p compu ng models co-op of many clouds of small things
  4. 5.

    Progress compare cloud models using CloudSim simulator decentralized architecture tailored

    to socio-economic context state-of-the-art study of collabora ve and social clouds
  5. 6.

    Challenges same simula on tools not suitable for both data

    centres and community clouds modelling network cri cal for community clouds straight comparison of common cloud apps not quite meaningful
  6. 10.

    Challenges ease of use and enhanced u lity (killer app)

    func onality to match or out-perform apps on Internet, or else find a niche
  7. 11.

    Result economic incen ves not sufficient to overcome dilemmas social

    context useful in enforcing mechanisms factor in social distance and social exclusion
  8. 14.

    Approach discrete event simula ons using SimPy modelling economic mechanisms

    & social distance between agents in dynamic network within evolu onary game theory framework
  9. 15.

    Expected Result theore cal understanding from simula on experiments support

    services within a prototype community cloud implementa on
  10. 16.
  11. 17.

    Quarterly Progress and Plan Year Qtr Descrip on st Background

    reading and state-of-art study nd Incen ves for resource regula on rd Performance evalua on using CloudSim th Incen ves for resource regula on st Economic mechanisms & Distributed architecture nd Internship at CA Labs for MODAClouds rd Extend economic resource regula on work State-of-the-art study th Provisioning of goods in dynamic networks st Study with data from community networks nd Experiments using community distribu on rd Internship in industry th Thesis wri ng & PhD Pre-Defence st Finalize thesis/papers & PhD Defence