2015 State of the PhD, Barcelona, Spain

2015 State of the PhD, Barcelona, Spain

This presentation highlights the status of the PhD thesis as of June 2015. The talk was given at EMJD-DC Spring Event in Barcelona, Spain. For more details on the work, visit http://aminmkhan.com.

To address this limitation and enhance utility of community networks, we propose in this Phd thesis building a community cloud system that employs resources contributed by the members of the community network for provisioning infrastructure and software services. The design of such a community cloud needs to be tailored to the specific social, economic and technical characteristics of the community networks for it to be successful and sustainable. We focus in this thesis to explore the socio-economic mechanisms that can help in adoption and growth of community cloud model, and to fit them into a distributed architecture of cloud systems that is adapted to the scenarios of community networks. Our aim is that in the long term, cloud-based innovative applications can be shaped by developers from community cloud services and users of community networks will not not only consume applications from the Internet, but will also find them in clouds within community networks.


Amin M. Khan

June 25, 2015