My name is Anaïs Dubois, and I lead the team of freelance writer in Montreal Quebec Canada for SEO Trench. Our dedicated experts are more than just blacksmiths. They are an extension of your vision. Our writers are all SEO's author consultants. We will provide you with the manuscript you want. What does this mean to you? This implies that they become part of your team, but they are not your workers. When you employ a consultant via SEO Trench. You get a real author that we've actually approved, not just for excellent writing, but for the reliability of quality content and customer support. With us, you will not receive high rates without reasons. When you work with a freelance writer via our SEO web agency, you do not spend on overhead costs because they are not part of our staff. What's great about a team of independent writers is that we can create almost everything for you. Editorial copy

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