You'll Never Master Programming (and that's okay)

You'll Never Master Programming (and that's okay)

A talk I gave about how there is always more to learn in programming—mastery is a moving target. I talked about getting competent, overcoming plateaus, and how important it is to get brutal feedback as you learn new things. I talked about the idea of deep focus as a means to learn quickly. I argued that focused, deliberate practice, is more valuable than throwing endless hours at a problem.

I ended with an anecdote about Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo. As he was dying, he gathered his students around him and asked to be buried in his white belt. He was the highest ranking martial artist of his time and he chose the symbolism of the beginner for his legacy. The journey and practice of continually learning is never over. What a gift that is.


Andrew Markle

April 26, 2016