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Living in apartment and condominiums in the metropolis is a challenge where space is concerned. These homes are popular not by choice but by need and for practical reasons. With millions of people flocking to the cities year round, the demand for these small homes and space solutions are mounting. In particular, rest rooms are not restful anymore with the sizes just slightly bigger than a closet. With a small bathroom design that is perked with savvy, smart, and tasteful space solutions, living in such small spaces can be more comfortable.

If you are among those who people who need to live in a small home to be near work or school, there are many solutions to make a small bathroom more appear more spacious, thanks to the work of home renovation Monmouth County NJ firms. Do not let the small-sized bathroom give you a bad morning; check out multitudes of space solutions that can make a difference. Here are some suggestions to spice up and create the illusion of space in your bathroom:

1.    Create the impression of space by avoiding the cloistered feeling.

Ask the home renovation Monmouth County NJ team to raise the ceiling and add a skylight, as these will add an illusion of space. Enhance the space with surrounding mirrors; adding lights can make the mirrors reflect light making the space appear larger than its actual size. Using the lighter color palette like white tiles can help make the space bigger but ascetic. Pluck out some of these tiles and replace these with modern glass tiles that uplift the Spartan look to chic and sensational.

2.    Do not crowd the bathroom with massive furniture and clutter.

Cabinet doors usually create a heavy visual impact that weighs down the bathroom and the lightness you want to make. Instead, use open cabinetry with small drawers on the side to hold toiletries and cosmetics. Placing baskets under these shelves can supply ample and convenient space for storage.

3.    Save valuable space by limiting the countertop and extend it by a connecting it to a narrower ledge much like the floating shelf.

Do not clutter this ledge. Spare it for some bright additions to keep the space vibrant.

4.    Go for a stand-up shower than a bathtub to conserve space.

Modern bathroom designs forego bathtubs to conserve space. Further, putting up dividers and walls in a small bathroom further underlines the compression. Create open space and visual length by trading shower curtains with clear-glass doors and walls. Making the flooring uniformly tiled can amplify the effect of space.

5.    Despite minimalism and use of simple decorations, splash some colors in the bathroom.

A stark bathroom can suddenly be alive with a floral arrangement or a bath bling. You can put some expensive items in the bathroom to make up for its simplicity and lack of clutter. The bling like some lighting fixture or glass tiles can transform an otherwise drab bathroom into a jewel.

So, if you are looking at more years of staying in your tiny condo or apartment, make the best out of it with a savvy bathroom renovation. Sure thing it won't grow any bigger, but it can definitely look more and feel to your taste.

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