Dinosaurs and Androids: The Listview Evolution

Dinosaurs and Androids: The Listview Evolution

Dinosaurs, like all living things, evolved, slowly and gradually, from previously existing creatures. The same happened with Listviews, they also evolved from pre-existing ancestors. Dinosaurs didn’t spring suddenly into existence two hundred million years ago, huge, toothy, and hungry for grub. Listviews on Android appeared since the beginning and they have been changing over the time. As you know, ListView is a fundamental component in Android, one of the most widely used widgets and also the most complex one.
In this talk, Jorge Barroso and Fernando Cejas will explain the evolution of this widget from previous versions of Android (based on its source code), mistakes that have been made in its implementation, giving examples and showing tips on how should be used when developing cool Android applications. Also, stuff like features, optimization, quirks and limitations will take place in this talk.


Fernando Cejas

October 24, 2013