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Salt, Pepper... and tasty Web Tech

Salt, Pepper... and tasty Web Tech

In this talk, I would like to showcase how we can jump into a new technology after 4 days of research and be already proficient by effectively managing time and addressing what is the most important.


Fernando Cejas

February 01, 2022

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  1. …tasty WEB TECH and

  2. Who I am… Web Development skill set: From the times

    of Netscape From the time of Geocities Modern Web Development: less than a week Typescript Experience: 2 days
  3. I want you to probe that I'm wrong. I wanted

    to challenge me and see how much we can do if we manage our time effectively Purpose? Knowing how things work give you more tools for problem solving. Obsession and Curiosity: Quantum Mechanics and Relativity: Micro and Macro work, how our universe works, give you another perspective. Why?
  4. 4 fernandocejas.com Concepts and Knowledge Base

  5. 5 fernandocejas.com What does that mean? Service Worker Cache PWA

    Fragmentation HMR Package Manager
  6. 6 fernandocejas.com The Web Ecosystem

  7. 7 fernandocejas.com TYPESCRIPT

  8. 8 fernandocejas.com VITE 70%Health

  9. 9 fernandocejas.com pnpm npm??? yarn???

  10. 10 fernandocejas.com Vue.js & Vue PWA Plugin 34032482 JS Frameworks…

  11. 11 fernandocejas.com What about caching and offline mode? https://developers.google.com/web/tools/workbox

  12. 12 fernandocejas.com 12 fernandocejas.com • Code Quality • Continuous Integration

    • Continuous Deployment
  13. 13 fernandocejas.com Vitest ESLint ??? ??? Some more tooling…

  14. 14 fernandocejas.com • Brainstorming Session • Architecture Presentation ◦ Decoupled

    components ◦ Cohesive ◦ Offline Mode ◦ Error Handling ◦ Routing/Navigation What is next? Interesting… Hey…
  15. 15 fernandocejas.com • Login through Magic Link • PRIndex Available

  16. Thank You! @fernando_cejas me@fernandocejas.com