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cross gov Internal systems meet-up

cross gov Internal systems meet-up

public version of a short presentation to the Jan 16 x-gov design meeting - progress made by internal systems cross gov collaboration (in sept 15 and jan 16)


Andy Porter (@hindsightery)

January 15, 2016


  1. Andy Porter Clara Teoh Designer Designer @hindsightery @claragt Land Registry

  2. GDS

  3. GDS Admin interfaces & Internal systems

  4. GDS Providing services to individuals and businesses makes up roughly

    80% of the cost of government. Of this 80%, around 60% is spent dealing with calls and casework. Most of it completely unnecessarily. Louise Downe
  5. GDS Internal users are part of a service. To provide

    better services to citizens, we must provide better systems for internal users.
  6. GDS Most users in most departments are doing the same

    sort of things most of the time
  7. GDS We’re meeting to help each other solve problems and

    share knowledge
  8. First meetup

  9. GDS

  10. GDS September 2015 25 people , 9 case studies Topics

    discussed Who are internal users? Admin rights How to prototype GDS guidelines and assessments
  11. GDS We made a mailing list uk/forum/#!forum/admin-interfaces and a

    slack channel interfaces/
  12. GDS

  13. GDS

  14. More please GDS

  15. Second meetup

  16. GDS People from Department of Workplace and Pensions Ministry of

    Justice Home Office Department of Health Registers of Scotland Student Loans Company Land registry Valuation Office Agency Government Digital Service
  17. GDS

  18. GDS

  19. GDS Defining ‘internal systems’ or ‘internal users’ is hard Civil

    servants? Contractors? Agents (solicitors, accountants, lawyers)? People who use the system as part of their job?
  20. GDS we tried to define one pattern and some guidance

    for using it The header pattern
  21. GDS Black Not so tall? White text on the left

    Search bar (optional) GOV.UK link (optional) The header pattern
  22. GDS Trust is still important follow web norms optional secondary

    header - app/system specific stuff (search, nav, etc?) the header pattern
  23. GDS Trust is still important Research is still important Accessibility

    is still important Other patterns
  24. GDS Using more screen estate is ok More than one

    thing per page is ok Use the same language throughout service There are more... Other patterns
  25. GDS Sharing is the most useful thing Getting access to

    sharing tools Being allowed to shared Issues we’re facing
  26. We’ll meet again soon Come and talk to us if

    you want to get involved GDS
  27. Add your screenshots to hackpad / google group / shared

    folder GDS
  28. Questions? GDS

  29. Andy Porter Clara Teoh Designer Designer @hindsightery @claragt Land Registry