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When it comes to storing data, flash drives are the best device you can trust. Even though cloud storing is now marking its name in IT world, nothing can beat an external and portable drive that you can carry around with you.

More than that, would it be nice to carry a flash drive with out-of-the-box design and expanded memory? The usual USB flash drive can contain at about 512 MB to 32 GB of data; enabling you to store-up several presentations, videos, documents, and more. However, when it comes to storing company data, you need more than just bigger memory; you also need security, especially when the data that you are about to store should be kept with confidentiality.

Custom-made USB flash drives are now becoming popular due to its expanded uses; so, here are the top reasons why you need custom-made flash drives for your organization:

1. Excellent promotional product
Several businesses are taking advantage of using custom-made USB flash drive in promoting their brand to the market, where they are able to engrave their company name externally and preload it with their logo and information internally. With its expanded use, any client would appreciate your efforts in providing them a remarkable giveaway in return for their loyalty.

2. Excellent device during a company presentation
Company presentation of data, finances, and project proposal can be very challenging, especially when handing your team the print-outs before the presentation. So, to ensure that all data needed for presentation have been reviewed by the entire team, it is best to use a pre-load custom-made USB where you can preload all files and documents from one master USB to several preload USB all at once.

3. Security
Even though they claim that cloud storing is private and secured, there are cases that internet-connected public storage is still at risk for hacking; this is one of the reasons why storing your confidential files into external USB flash drive is much safer.

How is that even possible?
Did you know that you can preload a custom-made USB flash drive with password encryption? Yes, you can keep all your files safe and secured from hacking, alteration, and deletion, all you need to do is find the right service provider that can configure your USB or create a new USB for you with password encryption; this site here will help you secure all your stored files in USB flash drive.

4. Best welcome kit to new employees
It is the age of technology anyway, so instead of handing them paper print-out about the company and its policies, why not give them custom-made USB flash drive, where they can also save all their work files every day. If you think that is a good idea, here it is the best service provider that helps with your custom-made USB flash drive.

Final thoughts
There are several other reasons why a company should take advantage of what new technology can offer. If you want to know more about custom-made USB flash drive, you may visit CFgear’s website.

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