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The crazy things that happen when you're pregnant

Fcb33b7af6bc3fa2890946410f154034?s=47 Allison McMillan
October 01, 2014

The crazy things that happen when you're pregnant

Presentation given to coworkers about what happens when you're pregnant (presented after the first trimester)


Allison McMillan

October 01, 2014


  1. The crazy sh*t that happens when you’re pregnant Allison McMillan

  2. Holy Crap I’m Pregnant?!

  3. Which is exciting

  4. But I didn’t quite understand beforehand all the random related

  5. Random stuff makes you nauseous

  6. Like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

  7. And the smell of my husband when he came home

    from the gym
  8. but not gasoline?

  9. Food tastes different

  10. It tastes like what?

  11. You crave crazy things

  12. And then don’t want them at all

  13. Your diet has to completely change!

  14. And you also have to cut out everything that makes

    you want to vom
  15. And the things that you suddenly can’t eat

  16. And that’s only the food related things!!

  17. Theres also exhaustion

  18. Germ neurosis

  19. Random new pains

  20. The fact that I always look like i’m talking to

  21. And finally the emotions!!

  22. Interesting meltdowns

  23. And the fact that all coke commercials now make me

  24. Most Recent… pregnancy brain

  25. Obviously it’s different for every prego lady

  26. But this is just a little insight into my current

  27. I’m sure there’s more to come