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How to train social science researchers to become consultants

Aspect Network
October 08, 2020

How to train social science researchers to become consultants

Aspect Network

October 08, 2020


  1. How to train social science researchers to become consultants The

    University of Sussex 8 October | 11:00 – 12:00
  2. Business School/ASPECT programme Intrapreneurship for the Research Community (IRC) ‘ECR

    Consultancy Programme’ Marcus Atkinson External Engagement Manager Business School Andre Mostert Research and Enterprise/Social Science Business Partner/ASPECT Broker/DICE Consortium US Link University of Sussex
  3. Aspirational Programme Outcomes 4 ECRs Be able: • to recognize

    their role as an intrapreneur within their university/organization • to develop a plan for sustaining their research interests • to apply strategies for building networks for supporting their research work • to create a viable and effective bidding platform • to make submissions to appropriate research and development funding sources • to recognize that rejection is a central part of building a competitive bid • to embrace any commercial potential associated with their research to plan a spin out • to compile and table a long-term plan for intrapreneurial development
  4. Not Delivering from the outset? • Possible reasons • Poor

    delivery by facilitator (Andre Mostert) • Lack of relevant content? – including introduction to existing networks, possible funding routes, DICE Consortium (preferred research supplier for a major international agency), support from Sussex, opportunities to showcase i.e. Skills 4 Jobs India, ASPECT Annual events, KTPs, MKTPs, possible private sector clients, etc. • Teaching load • Incorrect nomenclatures (setting up a consultancy from the ground-up is tough) – operating as a freelancer, intrapreneur, contractor, etc) may resonate better (the title of this session not withstood) – design by consultants 4 emerging consultants? • Lack of a clear road map? To loose? Homework? • The negative – Innovate UK April = 8600 submission for 600 projects • Lack of suitable opportunities? – probably again poorly conveyed by Andre • No underlying demand for a programme of this nature • Follow-up email to all 28 registered with business engagement opportunities (with small grant, lifting of a supplier framework freeze, opportunity to participate in Skills 4 Jobs (3 interest), build international research bid to British Academy (3),opportunity to participate in Erasmus+ bid for 29th Oct (2), etc.
  5. So What did we change? • Got an ECR to

    present – hopefully this ECR will grow with the programme and be the backbone of the next • Creation of a Intrapreneurial/Project development Workbook • Mapping of research interests in the group to funding opportunities (sent out after the first session – perhaps starting point – as info was gathered through registration • Immediate focus on end point outcomes i.e. removing the idea of process as outcome – typical of many non curriculum based activities • Although process as outcome is key to early stage project development - mission critical • Started to use project manager, contracting, freelancing, etc. • Building around existing projects from the outset and seek overlaps with interest areas • Focus on STEPs rather than sessions
  6. And in case its seems easy ‘Its not a lack

    of opportunity, it’s a lack of perseverance in the face of extensive rejection’ Amazon was rejected 40 times prior to securing funding’ The Myth of the Intrapreneur https://hbr.org/2018/06/the-myth-of-the-intrapreneur Thank you Andre Mostert a.m.mostert@sussex.ac.uk
  7. A quick overview of FE Sussex Dr Tim Strickland Chief

    Executive Officer 8th October 2020
  8. FE Sussex The consortium company of the 16 post-sixteen colleges

    in Sussex and Surrey
  9. FE Sussex The consortium company of the 16 post-sixteen colleges

    in Sussex and Surrey Total turnover £230M pa 10,000 staff 75,000 students (approx!)
  10. FE Sussex Associate Members FE Sussex Members

  11. FE Sussex The consortium company of the 16 post-sixteen colleges

    in Sussex and Surrey Four Sixth Form (academic ) colleges Eleven General Further Education colleges One specialist land-based college
  12. FE Sussex – Our mission To assist in delivering the

    common agendas of our colleges
  13. FE Sussex – Key Business Aims • Quality improvement •

    Facilitate peer group development • Influencing • Strategic support for principals • Generate income • Delivery of sponsored research projects
  14. FE Sussex – Typical activities • Peer Group meetings •

    Inspection advice sessions • Staff development • International Directors coordination • Conference and workshops • Principals’ meetings • Education project delivery
  15. Research within FE Commissioned by various groups eg: • Education

    and Training Foundation • DfE • Gatsby Foundation • Construction Industry Training Board
  16. FE Sussex – Research within FE • Research seldom commissioned

    by colleges acting alone • Consortia research applications usually viewed more favourably • Research comes in cyclical waves according to the flavour of the moment eg inspection, flipped classroom, Covid, on-line learning, management training needs etc etc
  17. Best of luck and thank you! Any questions?

  18. Thank you for joining today’s session @aspect_network Aspect Social Sciences

    Network www.aspect.ac.uk/annual-event-2020/