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Cloud Computing by @astromoose

Jon Anning
September 10, 2012

Cloud Computing by @astromoose

Jon blathers to his colleagues about why Cloudy thinking is good (and not good). NaaS - Nonsense as a Service!

Jon Anning

September 10, 2012

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  1. •Virtual Machines, running a proper OS •Network stuff like Load

    balancers, Firewalls and IP Addresses •File and Block based storage •Bare Metal as a Service is a thing too Sunday, 9 September 12
  2. PaaS offerings facilitate the deployment of applications without the cost

    and complexity of buying and managing the underlying hardware and software and provisioning hosting capabilities. source - wikipediaaaargh “ ” Sunday, 9 September 12
  3. AWESOME AWESOME Basically, you can get on with making your

    app AWESOME ...and leave the boring server stuff to people who really care about it Sunday, 9 September 12
  4. THE TWELVE-FACTOR APP http://12factor.net (can’t recommend it enough, it’s like

    a whole talk’s worth of goodness in there) Sunday, 9 September 12
  5. SaaS is that last layer, it's the app you're using

    in your web browser right now source - me, I guess “ ” Sunday, 9 September 12
  6. Lowers those nasty barriers to entry PRICE EXPERTISE TIME TO

    MARKET RISKYNESSNESS Sunday, 9 September 12
  7. SCALINGG! IaaS Caveat - It’s not automatic unless you build

    it to be automatic! Sunday, 9 September 12
  8. (Flat out stolen from 12factor.net) •Divide apps into types of

    work •Separate quick/slow processes •Rely on the OS or Platform to manage process lifecycle Sunday, 9 September 12
  9. RESILIENCE! IaaS Caveat - It’s not automatic unless you build

    it to be automatic! Sunday, 9 September 12
  10. If you’re using IaaS Use clever stuff like chef to

    treat your Infrastructure as code - it’s the easiest way to avoid being locked into one provider Most IaaS outfits provide ‘Availability zones’ - use them (or at least understand how they work) Monitoring, monitoring, monitoring Backups, backups, backups Sunday, 9 September 12
  11. Absolutely. Cloud Computing isn’t a silver bullet - so far

    from it I can't eeeeeven tell you Migrating is way harder than building from scratch When built wrong, it can go REALLY wrong Cloud Computing is still a maturing concept Experience and expertise is comparitively thin on the ground Sunday, 9 September 12