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Looking Around (Board)

Looking Around (Board)

Astrum Umbrae

October 08, 2022

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  1. Seq 1 Scene 4 Panel 3 Dialog B: It’s not

    gonna be there. A: We dont know how big it is!
  2. Seq 1 Scene 5 Panel 2 Dialog A: It’s attacking

    people, someone should deal with it
  3. Seq 1 Scene 5 Panel 3 Dialog B: Well not

    me, I'm not fighting it in these conditions.
  4. Seq 1 Scene 11 Panel 1 Dialog Wait! We can't

    just leave it to roam the town like this (cont.)
  5. Seq 1 Scene 11 Panel 3 Dialog It's not that

    thing! And that someone could be us if we pick a fight with it. Forget it.
  6. Seq 1 Scene 11 Panel 4 Dialog A: We got

    an assignment for these people- B: They should have assigned someone else [...] -
  7. Seq 1 Scene 11 Panel 5 Dialog A: -and we're

    not even going to try? B: Trying with what, exactly??
  8. Seq 1 Scene 16 Panel 6 Dialog A: A LADLE

    this time?? Really?? B:Ah shoot! Let me retry-
  9. Seq 1 Scene 16 Panel 8 Dialog A: You're still

    a damn ladle! B: Uuuuuuh...