What is DevOps - Milano DevOps #1

What is DevOps - Milano DevOps #1

Defining DevOps it's actually pretty hard.
DevOps is truly a buzzword in the mouth of everyone: from developers to managers.
But what does really means DevOps.
Since we have decided to lunch a new Meetup in Milan called "Milano DevOps" we truly need to give people our definition of DevOps: that's the purpose of this talk.


Andrea Tosatto

June 23, 2016


  1. Milano DevOps #1 23/06/2016 - Mikamai www.meetup.com/Milano-DevOps

  2. Welcome Lorenzo Fontana @fntlnz Andrea Tosatto @_hilbert_ Jacopo Nardiello @jnardiello

  3. DevOps “It’s not a Job”

  4. DevOps “It’s not Docker, neither AWS”

  5. DevOps “It’s team-work!”

  6. DevOps “It’s mixing competences”

  7. DevOps “It’s sharing knowledge and experiences”

  8. DevOps “It’s hard”

  9. DevOps “It’s cool”

  10. OpsFactory github.com/OpsFactory

  11. Single Session Double Session Milano DevOps 1 Talk 50 min

    of Pitch Q&A Pizza & Beer Networking 2 Talks 25/30 min per pitch Q&A Pizza & Beer Networking
  12. Lorenzo Fontana Jacopo Nardiello #1 “Understanding the Docker ecosystem, containers

    and all the tools” “Kubernetes 101” 23/06/2016 - Mikamai
  13. We are Open Lorenzo Fontana @fntlnz Andrea Tosatto @_hilbert_ Jacopo

    Nardiello @jnardiello