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AWS in Government: myths, risks, and misconceptions

AWS in Government: myths, risks, and misconceptions

Lindsay Holmwood

August 03, 2016

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  1. Digital Transformation Office AWS in government: Risks, myths, and misconceptions

    Lindsay Holmwood Head of Development @auxesis dto.gov.au
  2. dto.gov.au EBS + EC2 + S3 + VPC You can

    run a lot of workloads on this.
  3. dto.gov.au “Organisations need to perform a risk assessment and implement

    associated mitigations before using cloud services.” – Cloud Computer Security For Tenants, ASD
  4. dto.gov.au “Risks vary depending on factors such as the sensitivity

    and criticality of data to be stored or processed, how the cloud service is implemented and managed, how the organisation intends to use the cloud service, and challenges associated with the organisation performing timely incident detection and response.” – Cloud Computer Security For Tenants, ASD
  5. dto.gov.au “Organisations need to compare these risks against an objective

    risk assessment of using in-house computer systems which might: be poorly secured; have inadequate availability; or, be unable to meet modern business requirements.”” – Cloud Computer Security For Tenants, ASD
  6. dto.gov.au How to control spend: Track your spend over multiple

    months, identify instance types that are constantly used
  7. deploy to production acceptance tests integrate unit tests code done

    Traditional delivery Manual Manual Manual Auto
  8. dto.gov.au Australia can become the best in the world at

    delivering clearer, simpler, faster government services.