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Continuous Delivery - Challenges in a Private Datacenter

Continuous Delivery - Challenges in a Private Datacenter

The following presentation was held at Continuous Delivery Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/DC-continuous-delivery/events/233212164/) on 18 Aug 2016.


Alexandru Zbarcea

August 18, 2016

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  1. Continuous Delivery Challenges in a Private Datacenter Alex Zbarcea -

    CD Chief Engineer @SWIFT - Apache Committer (alexz@apache.org, in/azbarcea, @azbarcea)
  2. ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION Continuous Delivery

  3. “ organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce

    designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations - M. Conway
  4. test dev devops CC git nexus build (CI) Dev Test

    QA Prod nexus pulp katello env env env env env env env env predictibility automation promotion artifacts CD blueprint . . . . . . . . .
  5. Successful Practices for Continuous Delivery - by Nathen Harvey -

    Manual process - Legacy systems and tools - Organizational silos - Infrequent large release - Regulatory burdens - ‘‘ - Automate - Infrastructure as Code - Increase collaboration - CD of infrastructure and apps. - Compliance at velocity
  6. Business is a System inputs outputs feedback

  7. Business is a System

  8. Empower business to make decisions it’s about API




  12. DEVELOPMENT QUALITY PRODUCTION .docker .git .docker .git .jar .war .npm

    .pip .rpm .tar.gz .wiki .html .md .docker .docker .git containerize everything
  13. rhel tomcat java app Another Distro One package manager -

    automated patches Reuse Isolated app. One hierarchy security Conf. Mngt.
  14. Demo

  15. development ... software development and release processes

  16. Challenges Development - feature branches - Continuous Integration - Continuous

    Release - Everybody needs to understand the Pipeline
  17. distribution ... the process of making a product or service

    available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user
  18. Summary Challenges - inventory of INs and OUTs - limited

    set of artefact types - artefact warehouse management - containerize everything
  19. Challenges on Versioning and Packaging and Docker Images - Use

    OS (distro) package manager - Enforce semver - know your upstream versions: docker-v1.11.2-1ubuntu2.1 <app>-v<upstream-version><groupId><buildId> - Jail your apps - Use data containers - Use compositions (docker/rancher) - Define your release trust model - individuals - each commit a release
  20. beaurocracy … the administrative system governing any large institution

  21. Generated Versioned Deliverable Shared Searchable { } … Starts and

    ends with Documentation and Reports
  22. Beaurocracy Challenges - Release - Promotion - Quality assurance (reports)

    - Project management - Deployment plan eliminate non-value processes
  23. operations … the administrative system governing any large institution

  24. Operations Challenges - FAIL is good. Trust the upgrade button

    - complexity gets bigger - generates: lack of trust - difficult to investigate - .git/social becomes a core system - focus is on scaling - deployments as a non-event
  25. Thank you Continuous Delivery meetup apifocal