Choosing the tech for your next product

Choosing the tech for your next product

When designing your web or mobile product, it’s important to choose the right technology and balance functionality with performance, reliability, cost, and time. If you have a great idea that is going to take the digital world by storm, but you have no idea which platforms to choose, let alone which language you are going to code your product in and what off-the-shelf solutions are available, then this class is for you.

In this class, you will learn: An overview of the major programming langauges and stacks The advantages and disadvantages of the major open source content management systems and software as a service products How to get started quickly and iterate your product as you grow An overview of the latest hosting products and the cloud What software systems you can use to build your product yourself How and when to engage with a developer, freelancer, outsourcer or agency to build your product


Benjamin Lupton

January 15, 2013