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Meet AngularJS and fall in love

Meet AngularJS and fall in love

for RedDotRubyConference Lightning Talk in Singapore

Bartosz Knapik

June 07, 2013

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  3. Why AngularJS is awesome?

  4. None
  5. AngularJS Infrastructure smart UI, controllers, directives, filters, services, configuration

  6. Quality SOLID Principles (Dependency Injection) [Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby

    - Sandy Metz] No framework dependencies
  7. Testability AngularJS - coding litter free zone Jasmine - http://pivotal.github.io/jasmine

    E2E Karma (Testacular) - http://karma-runner.github.io Chrome extension - angularjs-batarang
  8. How to start skeleton - https://github.com/angular/angular-seed generators - http://yeoman.io documentation

    & support - http://angularjs.org useful blogs - http://www.yearofmoo.com, http://briantford.com/blog AngularJs toolbox - http://ngmodules.org tutorials - youtube.com, railscasts.com, codeschool.com
  9. Thank You Wish you no spaghetti code If you like

    AngularJs then you should try: dependor - https://github.com/psyho/dependor bogus - https://github.com/psyho/bogus