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Neos - 0 to live in 20min

Neos - 0 to live in 20min

I present the first 20 minutes of a typical Neos project. We go through installation and bootstrapping as well as adding a new Node Type to Neos.

Bastian Heist

September 08, 2016

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  1. Bastian Heist • 7 years as SAP Consultant / Developer

    @ Merck • Freelance Web Developer since 2009 • At sandstorm since 2015 • Neos since 2015 @beheist @bastianheist
  2. Site Packages • Node Types • Configuration • TypoScript •

    Templates • Content • …anything else related to a site. Site Packages contain: site = new Your.SitePackage();
  3. Node Tree • All content lives in ONE tree. •

    Different types of content have different
 Node Types. • Search, slice and rearrange the tree
 during rendering. • Very flexible, rapid prototyping - 
 work with real content early.
  4. Node Types Node Types have 3 parts: YAML TypoScript Fluid

    What is it? How does
 it work? What does it
 look like? Definition Control Rendering