Empathy Driven Development: Boosting performance by implementing for unfavorable conditions

Empathy Driven Development: Boosting performance by implementing for unfavorable conditions

Within the process of building a brand new application, us engineers are used to consider a lot of issues users may have while using our website or app: cross browser compatibility, accessibility and responsiveness are a few of the things that are always on our mind, but are we really building apps for everyone? Brazil has a population of over 207 million people and only 37,9% of them have access to LTE phones; most of them still use 3G and even 2G networks.

Cellular data is still really expensive, as well as most modern smartphones, which makes most digital experiences unfeasible. However, there's a light in the end of the tunnel! By optimizing the performance on our digital products, we can reach these kinds of users and end up crafting a better experience for all of them. In this talk I'll go through my past experiences implementing performance optimized applications, some of the best practices you can use on your own projects and some of the challenges citizens from emerging countries still face.

In this talk, I'll go through the concepts and practical implementations of performance enhancements like code splitting, css inlining, gzip, resource minification, usage of asynchronous scripts and other concerns that can really change the user experience on a website. Since I'll go from basic concepts to the actual implementation, it'll be applicable and tangible to audiences of different levels of expertise.


Isabella Silveira

September 07, 2018