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Painless Continuous Delivery - DjangoCon Europe 2017, Lightening Talk

Painless Continuous Delivery - DjangoCon Europe 2017, Lightening Talk

You don't have those problems. Continuous Delivery sounds easy in theory, but it’s hard to do in practice. But not for you.

See the original presentation at http://slides.com/bittner/djangocon2017-painless-continuous-delivery

Peter Bittner

April 03, 2017

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  1. Painless Continuous Delivery DjangoCon Europe Florence, 2017

  2. 3 Minutes To sell you something. You don't need.

  3. Programming is easy. And so is writing tests.

  4. Deployment is relaxing. You love to do it on Fridays.

  5. Your client loves you. And you love explaining why things

  6. push code open PR/MR approve build review feature production system

    branch server system You already work like this. Everyone does Continuous Delivery.
  7. If that was you. Or maybe, really, if it wasn't

    you ...
  8. Painless Cloud is not for you. But you could contribute.

    On GitHub.
  9. You could still try it. After all, it's free. And

    open source.
  10. Painless Cloud https://painless.cloud “ free as free beer!

  11. None
  12. Open Source – – GitHub GitLab Bitbucket “ free as

    free speech!
  13. None
  14. Peter Bittner Developer (of people, companies, code) Co-founder Painless Software

    @peterbittner, [email protected] behave-django codeship-yaml sentrylogs django-apptemplates djangocms-maps
  15. Thank you! for your precious time Painless Software Less pain,

    more fun.