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Andy Roberts
September 26, 2013


Book Pricing Alert Idea for Booktrope.com

Andy Roberts

September 26, 2013

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  1. “Wouldn’t it be great if someone would tell me when

    an e-book goes below a certain price?” Thursday, September 26, 13
  2. What about an app that does this? •You Sign In

    (1st time you start the app) •You Choose a Book Then We’ll: •Alert You When the Price Changes •Show You a Link to the Book Thursday, September 26, 13
  3. That’s It! This is enough to see if it solves

    a problem Thursday, September 26, 13
  4. Benefits • No Esoteric Programming • We Collect Fans •

    We Gain Knowledge of Sought After Books • We Gain Knowledge of Pricing Trigger Points Thursday, September 26, 13
  5. Benefits • We Begin March Toward Big Data Capture •

    Pricing Trends • Book Buying Habits • CTR • Book Readers Thursday, September 26, 13
  6. Benefits • We Repurpose Our Code • We Gain Knowledge

    of Amazon Practices • We Make $$ Through Affiliate Links • We Solve a Real Problem Thursday, September 26, 13
  7. Dev Tasks (Phase One) 1. Create Account 2. Search for

    Book 3. Save Book & Price Target 4. Display Pricing Links 5. Update Account 6. Update Book 7. Watch Book 8. Alert Price Drop *green denotes front end feature Thursday, September 26, 13
  8. Technologies • iOS API • Parse • RESTful API for

    Back End Functions • Store Accounts • Store Book List and Amazon Links • Amazon • Message Service (Send Alerts) • AWS (Scalable Server/Database) Thursday, September 26, 13
  9. Phase 2+ features • Allow users to specify additional genres,

    channels (iBooks, Nook) • Expand to other book formats (hardback, paperback) • Recommend books based on preferences • Allow users to specify authors to watch for new releases • Send news/offers based on preferences (opt in/out) • Accept advertising (BookBub pays us!) • Build Android app (3rd party Data API and Alerting speeds the process) Thursday, September 26, 13