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Duke and Leila

829cc6de0d2ae506e181c47f0c06832b?s=47 Blair Rorani
March 31, 2015

Duke and Leila

Twitter draw-a-thon round 1. http://everybodydrawnow.com


Blair Rorani

March 31, 2015

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  1. A long, long time ago …

  2. On a water farm, far, far away …

  3. There lived a boy named Duke.

  4. Duke worked on his uncle’s water farm.

  5. One day some dog salesmen came to the farm.

  6. Duke needed a dog to help him harvest water.

  7. But the next day Duke’s dog ran away!

  8. Luckily Duke’s neighbour, Ben, found him.

  9. “Hey what’s that in his mouth?”

  10. “It’s a missing person poster!”

  11. “Oh no! Princess Leila has been captured by the evil

    Lord Black Sheep!”
  12. “We must rescue her.”

  13. “You know your father and I used to be Water

    Knights together.”
  14. “You knew my father?”

  15. “Here is his old water gun.”

  16. “Let’s rescue the princess!”

  17. “First we’ll need transport. Let’s try at the local burger

  18. “Plus I’m a bit hungry.”

  19. Later, at the burger joint …

  20. “Hey! We don’t serve their kind in here.”

  21. “Water gun to the face!”

  22. “Aaahhhh!”

  23. “You lookin’ for trouble, partner?”

  24. “Actually, we just need a ride my friend. Can you

    take us to Lord Black Sheep’s tower?”
  25. “Um, well, uh … Chris, what do you say buddy?”

  26. “Grrr, grr, grrrr, gr, grrrr, gr-gr.”

  27. “Sorry, my bear Chris says …”

  28. “Caaachinng!”

  29. “My minivan’s just round back. Let’s move out partner!”

  30. On the way to the tower …

  31. “Is that a moon?”

  32. “That’s no moon. It’s Lord Black Sheep’s tower!”

  33. Meanwhile, inside Lord Black Sheep’s tower …

  34. “Lord Black Sheep. We’ve caught a minivan in our tractor

  35. “Fools! They must have come for the princess. They’ll be

  36. “So what now Ben?”

  37. “Let me tell you a secret young Duke. Black Sheep’s

    tower is actually made of ...”
  38. “… ginger bread.”

  39. “????????”

  40. “Who knew?”

  41. “Here use the force of this water gun to melt

    the tower and free Princess Leila.”
  42. “!!!!”

  43. “Nooooo! How did this happen? And whose idea was it

    to … Never mind! We’ll meet again … Ben.
  44. “Wow you rescued me and defeated Lord Black Sheep and

    saved the town. Nice!”
  45. “I know right. Water is awesome. Want to get a

    burger? I know a place.”
  46. “Are you kidding? I’ve been eating prison food for weeks.

  47. The end.

  48. http://everybodydrawnow.com