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Healthy Code Collaboration

Healthy Code Collaboration

Matthias Le Brun

March 30, 2022

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  1. Matthias Le Brun @bloodyowl → Co-lead front end developer at

    swan.io → Paris.JS organizer → Putain de Code co-founder & host We're hiring!
  2. Use Pull Request tooling ! " Request All good Be

    asynchronous When everything is good, let's go
  3. nit: typo here If you want to: Don't 👏 block

    👏 approval 👏 on 👏 nit
  4. "Change X please" → "Can we change X?" "You should

    change this call" → "I think we should change this call" "Rename X to Y for readability" → "How about renaming X to Y? I feel that might be clearer" "Why did you use X?" → "Why is X used here? I thought it wasn't necessary"
  5. Look for agreement «____, what do you think?» → better

    collective understanding → invites the reviewee to provide their idea