Building Offline-Enabled Apps with PouchDB at NoSQL Now!

Building Offline-Enabled Apps with PouchDB at NoSQL Now!

Based on the Apache CouchDB database, PouchDB is an open source syncing JavaScript database that runs within a web browser. Learn how to use the HTML5 Offline Application Cache, PouchDB, CouchDB, and Cordova/PhoneGap to develop fully-featured and cross-platform native apps, responsive mobile web apps, or high-fidelity prototypes that work just as well offline as they do online.

This talk will demonstrate creating a PouchDB database, creating a new document, updating a document, deleting a document, querying a database, synchronization PouchDB with a remote database, and live updates to a user interface based on database changes.

PouchDB works within mobile browsers including iOS Safari, Android Browser, BlackBerry Browser, Opera Mobile, Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, and Internet Explorer Mobile. PouchDB will also run within desktop web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Additionally, PouchDB can be used on the server side with Node.js.


Bradley Holt

August 18, 2015