Automate Everything - Continuous Integration for iOS and Mac

Automate Everything - Continuous Integration for iOS and Mac

Presented at 360iDev on 9/10/13

Whether working in the enterprise, as an indie, or something in between, a developer needs to optimize their time. Real benefit can be found by automating recurring tasks. In this talk I'll describe how developers in any size organization can derive a benefit from using continuous integration to automate tasks. You'll learn how to get a basic Jenkins instance setup in minutes that will do the basics of getting your builds every time you check in code. With the basics automated, I'll show you how to expand into other automated tasks:

- Distributing builds to testers.
- Running unit tests.
- Static code analysis.
- Deploying and running an OSX app in a virtual machine.
- Taking screenshots for the app store.

Anything worth doing twice is worth automating, so start automating and get back to your real work.


Brian Partridge

September 15, 2013