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Level Up Meeting Productivity with Action-Oriented Meeting Agendas

Level Up Meeting Productivity with Action-Oriented Meeting Agendas

Caitlin Hathaway

October 06, 2022

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  1. Level Up Meeting Productivity with Action-Oriented Meeting Agendas https://speakerdeck.com/caitlinhathaway @CaitlinTheSEO

    Caitlin Hathaway MVF Global
  2. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  3. Never again! @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  4. Not all meetings are productive! We've all been in meetings

    that were a complete waste of time. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  5. What you will learn today: - What the meeting productivity

    landscape looks like - How to create an actionable meeting agenda (and a template to do this) - Best practices and rules to improve your meeting culture @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  6. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  7. What does the meeting productivity landscape look like? @CaitlinTheSEO |

  8. Sensortower Since the pandemic started, there has been an explosion

    of daily users on virtual conference apps… @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  9. Has the amount of meetings you’re involved with changed since

    the start of Covid? @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  10. The Economist This came with increased number of meetings, and

    more attendees per meeting… @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  11. No. of meetings attended per week Responses No. of meetings

    attended Hours spent in meetings On an average week… @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  12. Look familiar? @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  13. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  14. But are additional meetings helping us to thrive? Or are

    they hindering productivity? @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  15. • 24 billion hours are wasted each year as the

    result of unproductive meetings. • U.S. businesses lose $37 billion a year to unproductive meetings. • Only 37% of workplace meetings actively make use of agendas. Zippia The Meeting Productivity Landscape @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  16. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  17. How productive do you find the meetings that you’re involved

    in? @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  18. What is your top priority that would help make your

    meetings more productive? @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  19. How often do you use an agenda in your meetings?

    @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  20. Creating the meeting agenda @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  21. What is a meeting agenda? A meeting agenda consists of

    a list of topics and action items you’re looking to discuss during the meeting. - Fellow.app @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  22. Key details Agenda topics Action items Conclusion @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  23. Agendas evolve the ways that meetings are created and structured.

    Structure Collaboration Purpose Inclusivity @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  24. Select a cloud-based note-taking app to create / host your

    agendas @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  25. Key details belong at the top of the agenda Title

    Date Attendees Time Resources Key Details Topics Action Items Conclusion Preparation Objective @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  26. Determining an objective A meeting objective is a simple statement

    that defines the desired outcome of the meeting. Objectives help you structure the agenda! @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO Objective types typically include: • Planning • Decision-making • Problem-solving • Ideation
  27. Planning: Plan steps to complete migration project, assign steps to

    team members and set deadlines for the completion of each step. Decision-making: Decide on if we need to scale up the hiring initiative set forth at the start of this year. Ideation: Brainstorm Q4 campaign ideas for X subcategory. Examples of objectives Use SMART principle to help create objectives. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  28. How long does it take you to prepare for a

    single meeting on average? No. of Responses @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  29. Make preparation the norm! • Review and contribute • Read

    all linked materials • Encourage attendees to ask questions ahead of time @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  30. Schedule 30 mins at the end of each day for

    prep. Allocate time for prep @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  31. Qualifying attendees 1. Attendee is a key decision-maker for the

    items on the agenda 2. Has the information needed to move forward on matters 3. Objective is related to a mutual issue that need to be solved 4. Can help with implementing the decisions @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO • Only invite absolutely necessary people! • Avoid duplication (people in same role)
  32. Agenda Topics Topics are specific items of discussion which are

    related to the meeting objective. Enables focused, collaborative discussion. Key Details Topics Action Items Conclusion @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  33. • Topics are added in before the meeting. • Attendees

    can review talking points and contribute in advance. • Topics are used for note taking during the meeting. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  34. Capture important notes during the meeting After: Before: @CaitlinTheSEO |

  35. Only note the following: Do note: Decisions Results / Outcomes

    Action Items Conversation Debates ✔ Don’t note: ❌ Doc summaries @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  36. Be careful with adding ‘broad’ agenda topics Broad, open-ended topics

    open the door for discussions to go off-tangent. Topics that go off-tangent and can be timely (and costly!) @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  37. Tweaks to make topics more focused ❌ Avoid: Metrics review

    Upcoming tasks Q3 hiring plan Research new SEO tools Discuss the top 3 priority tasks for upcoming week Review September’s actual KPIs against goal KPIs Determine budget and timeframe for Q3 hires ✔ Instead: Decide on new SEO tool requirements and budget @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  38. Appoint minutes to topics to help the agenda stay on

    track. Tag attendees to a topic to own and discuss in the meeting. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  39. Action Items Action items are added in during the meeting!

    An action item is a task that someone needs to complete outside of the meeting. Key Details Topics Action Items Conclusion @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  40. ❏ [TASK OWNER] will complete [SPECIFIC TASK] by [DEADLINE]. Completion

    Accountability Action Time-bound @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  41. ❏ [TASK OWNER] will complete [SPECIFIC TASK] by [DEADLINE]. ❏

    Luke will grant Leia access to GSC property straight after the meeting. ❏ Shrek will complete the page quality review and send to Fiona by EOD. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  42. Key Details Topics Action Items Conclusion Conclusion / Wrap Up

    Always allocate some time at the end for questions / more clarity needed to help achieve the set objective. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  43. Copy the template: https://bit.ly/bSEOMeetingAgenda @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  44. Setting meeting rules and best practices @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  45. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO Have any of the following issues occurred

    in your meetings?
  46. Who creates the agenda? Organiser’s responsibility: Create, structure and distribute

    the agenda in advance. Attendees’ responsibility: To review/add to agenda topics beforehand and complete assigned prep. 👉 The organiser @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  47. Always share agenda in 👏 ADVANCE 👏 Share the meeting

    agenda at least 24 hours before the meeting. The sooner the better! Always add agenda to the calendar invite: Can circulate the agenda on: @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  48. Add agenda, objective, and required prep into the calendar invite

    description Attach agenda link! @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  49. Assigning notetakers • At the start, ask for a volunteer

    notetaker. • Round-robin - new notetaker per topic. • Choose a different team member to run agenda (if a recurring meeting) @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  50. The organiser can share their screen to show agenda notes

    being captured. • Everyone can see what’s being written in real-time • Offer feedback on language @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO Improving note taking visibility
  51. Sometimes, a meeting isn’t the right format to collaborate… @CaitlinTheSEO

    | #BrightonSEO
  52. Types of collaboration include: Sharing information Gathering answers / feedback

    Updates Walkthrough of complex issues Recurring meetings Discussion Sensitive issues Decision-making @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  53. Sharing information Gathering answers / feedback Updates Walkthrough of complex

    issues Recurring meetings Discussion Sensitive issues Decision-making Meeting Email / Message Appropriate formats @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  54. Meetings are often accepted automatically without challenging the need or

    value of. Empower attendees to decline the invite if they feel like they can’t see/add value to that meeting. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  55. 1. Is there an agenda so I can gain context

    on the objective and topics? 2. Do I add value by attending? 3. Am I the right person to attend this meeting? 4. What else could I use this time for if I declined the invite? Saying NO to meetings @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  56. Elon Musk on meeting culture at Tesla Walk out of

    a meeting or drop off a call as soon as it is obvious you aren't adding value. It is not rude to leave. It is rude to make someone stay and waste their time. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  57. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO

  58. Late meeting starts Start on time as scheduled. Move any

    topics belonging to absent attendees at the bottom of the agenda. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  59. Encouraging more participation from attendees Ask for input from everyone

    Call on low contributors Ask everyone to add to the agenda and own their topic Go all the way around the room and let everyone add their insight. Call on specific people to share their points of view. Helps encourage them to naturally own and talk about their points. @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  60. Always read the agenda before attending Round-robin of discussions to

    encourage participation Docs are always screenshared Each participant owns 1 talking point of agenda Be ready to contribute an update on their responsibilities or tasks Arrive to meetings with talking points or potential questions Adapt to feedback and create your own best practices that work for your team @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  61. After this session, I hope you DON’T schedule another meeting

    about meetings… ;) Let’s end the meeting madness once and for all! @CaitlinTheSEO | #BrightonSEO
  62. Thank you! :) Find my slides: https://speakerdeck.com/caitlinhathaway Meeting agenda template:

    https://bit.ly/bSEOMeetingAgenda @CaitlinTheSEO Enjoy the rest of BrightonSEO!