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Esteban Gisele


So you're claiming if I go up to Maddie today and also she fidgets around me, she likes me. It's precisely what I'm stating. All right. I'm gon na give it a try. Hey, , do you like spoons? I like spoon. Spoons are terrific. Trigger you recognize, a lot more than my belly switch. It's right below. You wan na see it? You wan na see it right here it is.
Oh, you saw it at the mall. Yeah. When I'm saying it makes me unique, I don't understand why it makes me unique, but it just. Does. Oh, wow. She fidgeted. It looks like I did. Excellent. Excellent task, buddy. Hey, Maddie. Um, I remember you claiming something about succeeding in this next test. Intend to come to my place and also research later on?
Actually, I was assuming even more of like, you can do the research guide and afterwards send it to me. Uh, yeah. Wait, does that mean I can obtain your number? Sure. That's a deal. I'm down for that. All right. Amazing. Bring it in.
Yes. Hi? Oh, Hey. Hey, Maddie. Um, I was just questioning if you wanted to socialize tomorrow. Oh God. Uh, busy tomorrow, yet what regarding the following day still busy? Um, Wednesday. What regarding Wednesday of next week? Wednesday got this thing is anything. Open this month, following month truly scheduled the whole month. Anything you're carrying out in the following year?
Yeah. That's not looking too good either. Okay. Okay. All right. Thanks. Bye. Bye. She's probably playing difficult to get ass. Texts for picking up girls

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